What will your last words be?


Moe! Larry! The Cheese! Moe! Larry! The Cheese!

“That must’ve looked funny as hell frow where you’re standing.”

Let’s roll…

“Oh, shit.”

I’ve always thought it would be nice to go out with: “Let us cross the river and rest in the shade of the trees”.

But I suspect mine will probably be more along the lines of “Oops.”


“Beavers and Ducks!”

Or, the Trekky “Oh my…”

Oh, dear! What’s…

You’re standing on my AIR TUBE !!!

I’m hoping for


“The money I embezzled is buried under the…”

Knowing me, probably “Huh?”


Or, with respect to the late Oscar Wilde…

“Either this wallpaper goes or I do.”

Weekday wife? Meet weekend wife.

“Those aren’t the dangerous kind of ants. Here, I’ll show you…”

“Sure, I’ll do it for the fourth time tonight.”

Beyond my last words, I want my epitaph to read:

“What did I do now?”

But I hope my last words will be along the lines of “Oh yeah baby, make me scream, harder harder!” shrug I said hope.

Probably, “Ah, shit.” Or maybe, “Fuck.”

Probably something like “I told you before. I feel fine.”