What? Work doesn't have to completely suck??

Whee! I had a good night at work! Well, with the exception of the crabby dish lady, but that’s a different pit post. It was my first night closing by myself, and my closers were awesome. Melissa and Corey were both so determined to leave a good store, we all worked our asses off. By the time we all left, we knew the place looked awesome, we were just praying the openers felt the same way. (My boss was opening…we wanted to leave a good impression.) For a Sunday night close, we kicked butt. Usually Sundays are bad because we don’t have any late people, and after 6:45, we lose all the juniors. It goes down to the closers around then. The place was clean, stocked, shiny. I just called Janet, and she said the only thing we forgot to do was sweep inside the trash cans. Not bad for my first close!
And Scott came by to visit me! He said he just wanted yogurt parfaits, but why would he drive 20 minutes to my store when he lives a block away from the Bridgewater store? He gave me a hard time over the drive thru speaker, so that was annoying. But he’s always done that. He started bitchin cuz we were out of yogurt,and demanded to talk to the manager. And since he wasn’t in his car, I didn’t think it was him. So I get to the window, and there was my scotty!!! Yay :slight_smile:
And I get today off. I don’t have anything to do, but the peace and quiet is nice anyways. My mom almost stayed home from work, but I convinced her that she should go in anyways. She’d drive me absolutely crazy if she stayed home. It’s now almost 8 am, and I haven’t been to sleep yet. I didn’t get hom till 2:15 though, so it’s not as bad as it could be. I’ll prolly go vacuum my car, because it’s really really dirty. I might go to the mall, but I’ll probably just end up staying home, sleeping, and going online. What great fun. But I just felt like sharing my happy night, I’ll leave now. Tata!!