Pammipoo's happy day!

EEEK!!! I’m getting certified soon! No, not to a mental institute (although that may not be too far away!), but for work. I’ve been a floor supervisor at McDonalds for a little over 6 months, and I’m due for my promotion any day now. Once I get certified, I get all the good stuff. Benefits (like my much needed insurance!), paid vacation, keys to the store, AND (my personal fave) I get to be in the store by myself now. No more having to deal with asshole managers from other stores who make me do all the work, but they get paid the extra money! Ha! Take that asswipe Dave! Even better, now I get ot pass along the responsibility of running the shifts to someone else, like one of the new swing trainees :slight_smile: I had to deal with all the crap, now they can too! My area manager (2 levels above me) left this raving message on the voicemail system for my store manager, and Janet had me listen to it. Monday, I had my certification M.O.C. (management observation checklist) during lunch, and it went horrible. The other managers who were there kept trying to take charge, and it all crashed miserably. But I only failed by 3 points. So I figured Charlene was through with me, I went about my regular day. While I was running dinner for Gualter, I had the best drive thru times the store’s had in weeks, I had travel paths going on, I kept everyone busy, and I maintained a good cabinet. All without even trying. So after I listened to her raving review of me, I was nosy, and listened to the rest of the voicemail. The last one was about my background check, which means they’re planning on certifying me soon! Wheeeee!!!

In other happy news, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my exboyfriend again, which is awesome. He’s one of those people I’ll never forget, even when I’m old and married and have grandkids. I’ll still think of Scott and smile. But he spent the night Sunday night (nothing big happened, we just cuddled and kissed), and he called me this morning to wish me a happy valentine’s day. And while i’m in canada this weekend, he’s gonna come by and feed my bunny rabbit for me. So I get to see him at least two more times this week, once to give him my keys, and the other to pick them up. Yay. Happy day :slight_smile:

Well congrats Pammipoo a promotion is always a good thing, and benefits don’t hurt either!

Are you being promoted to swing or second assistant or what? (Sorry, I can’t remember how it goes!) Congrats, though!

Swing. I could never go to salary management :slight_smile:
Too many hours, not enough pay. Yeah, I’m all set.

Congrats again! I was a swing for a few years. I enjoyed it. Feel free to e-mail me anytime you want to rant about Mickey D’s–I don’t work there anymore but I put in my years and I know what it’s like!