FINALLY!! I have GOOD news for a change! ...and its ABOUT time.

:slight_smile: This might just be the start of a turn around of luck for me. I sure hope so! A few of you might remember this thread where I lamented about turning down a promotion because it didn’t turn out to be what I expected and I was bummed. Well last week I was asked If I would take over about half of the jobs of a certain supervisor because she was overloaded. I said sure, so this got me off the customer phones (I’m DSL helpdesk for a company that hired out by a major phone company) which is fantastic and it gave me much more power and contacts, I’m sort of a lieson(sp?) between certain people in phone company and the company I work for and “the man in charge” of several aspects of the campain.

I was feeling pretty good about this. Then today I was made “Agent of the week” of our company. Pretty cheesy you might be thinking… but WHOOO HOO ANYWAY!! It felt VERY nice to be appreciated (though I think it pissed off about 300 other people working there) AND I got a $50 mall gift certificate and a free lunch with the head honchos. IT GETS BETTER! Then the supervisor who offered me the job I turned down in that link sat down and asked me again to take the promotion. However I wouldn’t be doing the shit job, I would be using everthing I know about the campain and my knowledge to do Presidential Escalations! WHOO HOOO!!! ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTING!! I’ll be taking the most fucked up accounts that they have and use my knowledge to find out where things are getting fucked up and why and calling the top people in other departments that are dropping the ball to make sure the accounts get handled correctly and fixed right! I feel like I’m actually doing some good. I got three accounts up and working today, that had been screwed up for the longest time, in a matter of hours. It felt good. :slight_smile:

For once I don’t feel like I’m being reamed worse then this guy!!

does the happy dance

…you know I like this feeling, haven’t felt it in awhile. :slight_smile:

It’s liason. And WOOHOO!!!
A big three pointer for our man on the line, Whammo!!!

Yay Whammo! :smiley:

YIPPEEE!!! Way to go, Whammo!! High 5’s to you! :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:



In other news:

GOOD FUCKIN JOB! Congratulations!!! ::high fives Whammo::



and now: Liaison: communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations: the head porter works in close liaison with the reception office.


Way to go, Whammo! Who knows, maybe you’ll straighten out the account for some really cute single girl, and she’ll throw herself on you in gratitude!

Well, at least it’s something to daydream about! :wink:

Don’t joke, I have felt like that on several occassions.

“If you can fix this pile of shit I’ll sleep with you!” Its a stress thing.

Please, let me add my congrats to the growing many. WAY TO GO WHAMMO!

Mmmm…happy dance.

Yay Whammo! And I won’t even correct your spelling of “liason”!


Oh well, congrats anyway!

Congrats, pal! You’ve got the BIG MO going!

But congratulations, just the same. Delighted to hear you have some good news, and I hope it’s all you expect it to be :slight_smile:

Congrats, Whammo! I hope your next steps to ultimate gallactic power are as fulfilling as this first one!


Thanks everyone! I appreciate it! :slight_smile: