Hooray For ME!!!!!

Yippee, today is my last day of work!

Thank you SDMB, I’m a newbie, but if it wasn’t for this place and all you smart, funny, and witty people I would have had nothing to occupy my last moments in my crappy job!

That’s my favorite smiley!

You never have to work again???

Cool! Lottery Winner?

I’ve got this sick Aunt…

Just kidding…

Congratulations and good luck on your next chosen endeavor!

I WISH I won the lottery… but no, I did it the old fashion way, I saved my pennies!

Unfortunatly I will have to work again… just don’t know when, where, or what I’ll be doing! What a great feeling!

I’m jealous! What I wouldn’t give to be able to leave this hell hole for something I really would love to do. But I guess until that time I will just slave away at my computer. :frowning:

Good luck in whatever you choose to do xelakann! :slight_smile:

Just kidding.

Have a good summer . . . . <-lame-ass yearbook signature

Welcome, congratulations, and best of luck in your future endeavours! (Care to post what they are?)