I got promoted today.

Since we don’t get enough good news threads…

I got promoted today! :):):):):slight_smile:

Three years ago, my old company shut down the division I worked in. There was another local company that was in the cell phone business, but they didn’t need someone with my skill set. They did, however, have a slightly more junior position open that I could do. Since I had a lot of friends there, I decided to accept the job, even with the demotion.

One year ago, my company expanded the site, creating a new team. I was able to transfer into a role that fit me better. Since then, I’ve been working fairly hard, handling things obviously above my current pay grade.

Today, my manager told me that our VP approved my promotion. As of this coming Monday, I’m back to being a “Senior” developer…with a nice raise, an extra 5 vacation days a year, and a higher bonus target percentage.

And I’m still eligible for our yearly merit increase in a few months.

Oh…and I had my picture in the paper today. Totally unconnected. But it’s been a pretty good day. :slight_smile:



Congratulations! Thanks for the good news!

Brought a smile to my face.


My fortune cookie said I would be promoted next!!!
It didn’t seem to be aware that I’m currently unemployed…

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

You can still be next…

Next, next? You mean, after ^ that guy?



I do have an interview in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed for the mother of the Muses, and congratulations to D/a!

Yay! Congrats!

Are you absolutely certain you want to say that about a phone company?

Seriously, congratulations! We are going to have a booze up, right?

I just got a new project!

It looks good on paper. I can think of a couple of posters who’ll get funny-colored just seeing the location: Barcelona. Now let’s hope the boss isn’t a kraken, the corporate culture isn’t sick, and all those things which make a job actually be good and not just look it.

Congratulations! It’s nice to hear good news.

Congratulations! That’s the kind of news we haven’t heard enough of lately.

My job interview will be with three different managers, who I guess will [del]decide[/del]fight among themselves to see who hires me. I don’t want to go into details, but thanks to Linked-In, I know what department one guy runs and damn I want that job! :slight_smile:

Just reading the thread title made me smile. :slight_smile: Thanks for brightening my day.

Thanks all…and good luck.

I agree…we have so many bad threads - other than an occasional wedding or child, there aren’t many great news threads. Being able to share this was almost as important as getting the promotion in the first place!

Ok…not really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally…wireless? It is a cell phone company…

We can have a promotion booze-up dopefest…what’s halfway between South Florida and Australia?

Congratulations, Digital!

mnemosyne. fingers crossed here too for your interview…

Congratulations and good luck to everyone!!! :smiley: