I got the job!


I’ve never before truly considered the almost unbearable beauty of the sentence: “Human Resources will be in touch with an offer ASAP.” Whoah! Read it again - isn’t it just exquisite ? That’s what my new boss just told me on the phone.

After applying for a hundredandsome jobs since August, I finally got approved as NOC Analyst (NOC: Network Operating Centre) for a major media concern. Fortune 100 company, no less.

I did OK on the first phone interview, I kicked ass during the technical in-person interview and I just finished a third approval interview on the phone (speaking a most beautiful High German) with the poor guy in Hannover that I’ll be working with. And now I got the call from the NOC Manager. I! GOT! THE! JOB! :smiley:

OK, so I’ll start doing the night shift and I could’ve lived without that, but in this economy, jobs, no matter when in the day, are hot commodities. And I’ll be working on a beaut of an 800+ router worldwide Cisco network with all sorts of interesting technology, from the good old iron-age DECNet to MPLS. Woohoo!

Time to do the wounded stork dance around the room some more. :slight_smile:


I have a job interview tomorrow . . . Mayvbe your good luck will rub off on me . . .

I just got one too, about ten minutes ago. Thanks to the SDMB I was seated directly beside the phone, so you all get partial credit.

Congratulations Spiny Norman, and good luck Eve.

Way to go, Spiney!!! Congratulations!!

And good luck, Eve.

Wounded stork? Something tells me I do NOT want to witness that. :smiley:

Anyways, congrats mate! It’s about time you got off your ass and contributed to the American economy, fercryinoutloud.

Just kidding, I know it’s been a long wait, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow. I’ll be in the States soon, but as we’ll be traveling a lot, I don’t know how much time I’ll actually be in LA. Still, I say this calls for a round of the black stuff - my treat. We’ll work something out!

And you don’t mind that extra “E” in your name, do you?

Congratulations! Yay!

Good luck to Eve!

… and check your e-mail. :slight_smile:

Congrats to Spiney and 2Trew, lots of luck to Eve. Hope you all end up exactly where you want to be, doing really fun, cool stuff!!
hugs to all SDMB job hunters.

I’m picturing what I think the wounded stork dance looks like. And now that I know what you look like, I’m picturing YOU doing it.


Congratulations on joining us in the US working world. I think.


Congratulations. Luck and joy in your new position.

Congratulations, my sweet love. I’m SO proud of you! You’ve worked so damn hard for this, and no one deserves it more. I just knew that if you could get face-to-face with someone you would knock their socks off and they’d want to hire you on the spot. You So Rock!

We’ll be doing some celebrating tonight, that’s for sure - Woo Hoo!! {Does the happy dance (though not the stork one!) around my desk}

Jeg elsker dig, kæreste. <kys>

Warm Congrats go out to 2trew, too. Way To Go!

And Eve, darlin’, I’m rubbing you aaaaaaall over. Of course it may not have the desired effect (luck), but I’m sure having fun doing it! :wink: Seriously, best of luck tomorrow. Then again, you probably don’t need it – who can resist your charms?!

Many congrats, Spiny Norman and 2trew! Nothing like good news on a Monday! And doubly good as well! So, Eve, it’s up to you to make it a trifecta!

Woo hoo!! Congrats!

And I want some luck to rub off on me, too!:wink:


i hope your enjoy your new job. night shift is the best!!!

good luck to 2trew and eve!

Astroboy - your name came up at LADope that you’re now in San Diego with us.

What kind of job are you looking for?

You know, just in case I should hear of a perfect one for you…

Woohoo! Congrats, Spiny! Congrats, 2trew. And good luck on your interview, Eve.

Wow, that’s great! Congrats to Spiny and 2trew.

And Eve, anyone who doesn’t hire you ain’t got no class. Good luck to you.

Eve, best of luck. I’m not sure how one goes about rubbing off luck, but I’ll try…

2trew, that rocks! Congrats!

Coldie, we’ll have to figure out how to meet and hoist a few. And yeah, it’s about bleedin’ time I stopped living like a SoCal beach bum and started making a living.

Lord Jim, call me anything you want except “unemployed”. I’ll just use one less “e” the next time I sign something, that should even it up.

Ginger, thanks. Hope you’re settling in as well as I am. My best to Dave, btw. - he was there when it all started, after all.

Good idea, Kn*ckers, job hunters need way more hugs.

scout1222, it’s not a particularly graceful dance, but it’s definitely energetic. And I am happy as a particularly happy clam to be part of the workforce, that’s for sure.

Khadaji, thanks for your good wishes. This place is such a great spot to share good news.

FairyChatMom, I am happy to have livened up the Monday a little. I’m sure signing the Moose on Saturday was good luck.

Shayna, thank you so much for your support, help, endless patience, hugs, soft shoulders to cry on and swift kicks to the bottom when called for. Oh, and for the fortyseven revised versions of my resume. I love you, Snookums.

Astroboy14, if I understand correctly you’re in a visa battle with the INS (or whateverit’scalledthesedays) right now ? I’m projecting oodles of luck in your general direction, you’ll need it.

rocking chair, thanks a bundle. But as much as I might’ve enjoyed nightshift otherwise, it does cut into the time I can spend with Shayna, so I very much hope it’ll be temporary. If I can keep up the impression I’ve made, it should be.

Hey there, porcupine! Thanks for the good wishes!

DAVEW0071, thanks. And I agree, anyone who doesn’t hire Eve on the spot is simply lacking in style, class and finesse.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone ? Thanks, fellow Dopers, for providing a forum where I could vent my frustrations a couple of times. And thanks to those who took an active interest in hunting down work for me.

You guys rock.


Scotti does the happy dance all around the living room, down the porch, down the street…all the way to CA where she buys you a celebratory drink of your choice!!![sub]I’d do the stork dance, but my leg is too short :frowning: [/sub]

I am so very happy for you, hon…it’s been a long haul, but I knew you’d find an excellent place to use all your talent and intelligence. And it must be an excellent place…they recognized a good thing when they saw it, now didn’t they?

My Love,