what would be the perfect SD question?

Most of my questions/ discussions sink without a trace sometimes even without an answer though they are not that boring???

I want to post something that everyone wants to click on and answer.

So far my best effort was something that had “teenage girls” in the title. Any other ideas to add that?. Perhaps the best effort or collaborative effort could then be posted to see how it does.

Don’t feel bad. I’ve had plenty of questions sink without a trace. That means I’m not the best person to answer this for you, but at least it’s a better bump than just “bump.”

Well, I’m probably not the best person to answer either, seeing as I’ve been here two-and-a-half years and have never started a thread that reached a second page. (Though my “current thread,” What will your biography be called?, is now at 45 replies.)

However, I think a lot of the really really long threads here fall into well-defined categories:

  1. Simple polls (“What’s your favourite colour?” and the like)
  2. The “traditional threads” that everybody knows about (Esprix’s “Ask the Gay Guy!,” Crunchy Frog’s “Welcome Wagon,” etc.)
  3. Sex threads. Unfailingly popular.
  4. GD threads, especially if one or more of the posters is a jerk.

So, I guess the “perfect SD question” would be something like “Ask the Gay Guy what his favourite colour is when he’s having sex!” But only if the OP is a jerk.

Well, obviously, it has to say something about mama,
…or trains,
…or trucks,
…or prison,
…or getting’ drunk.

:D[sup] - Yee haw![/sup]

OK I wil post in yours if you post in mine. I’ll get you into the second page yet.

“Who is your favourite Gay?” is the best bet so far for the killer Q.

I’ve just this second realized that to get lots of replies to your posts you have to appeal to the most amount of people with a subject.

I know that’s obvious but what it means is that if you have an interesting subject the chances are high that it will not fall within the collection of subjects that the majority will respond to.

The majority might be inclined to respond to political/religeous/trivial things rather than your/my/our interesting but unique subject.

To cut a long story short. if you want a big response don’t be interesting , be common!

I think GQ is a good forum to study for this question. Ostensibly, the threads there should be pretty succinct. “Why ‘X’?” (or some variation thereof) and then a few answers until X is fully explained. However, some threads go on longer and longer, tangents and hijacks appear as the conversation gets interesting. But it seems unpredictable which questions will go far…hmmm

So, my whole post was a waste of your time, it appears. But I’m posting to your thread anyway, damn it!

WHY? :confused: The butt licking thread seemed popular, but would you really want to be its originator?

I tried out what I thought was my ideal SD question - but who knows? We’ll see how it goes. Check it out.

The other one was: Do you pee in the shower? Just a survey poll really, no real debate there. Although people do get rather passionate about their pro or con positions, I’ve found. An internet debate on the matter might be fascinating.

Try it out and see!

[Johnny Bravo/Elvis voice]Thoughts like that cross my mind every day of the week, baby. Good thing I usually listen.[/JB/Ev]


(If we all followed that advice, where would Homer be?)

Ok, I’m posting in your thread now…!

Actually, that’s not exactly what I said, but “Who is your favourite gay?” might be an interesting question. Esprix would be disappointed if it wasn’t him. matt_mcl would be disappointed if it wasn’t him. gobear would be disappointed…

I tried to distill your best advice (sex, polls, bound to get a few jerks answering, commonality). I will leave it for a few days for any other suggestions and try it out.

I would love to have thought of the butt licking thread. You see I have very small ambition.