What would Dubya do for a Klondike bar?

(yes, another spoof)
Admit he’s dyslexic?

Change us to a Communist state?

Thumb through a dictionary and brush up on his pronunciation skills?

Pronounce “nuclear” correctly.

invade Iraq

Announce he lost the election after all?

Attempt to eat a bag of pretzels without incident.

Make politically controversial statements in MPSIMS?

Admit to the world he really has a 168 IQ and is faking stupidity for that “regular guy” vote?

Guest star in That’s My Bush!

He check the sucker for Alaskan crude.

Pose for side-by-side pictures with chimpanzees?:smiley:

Pimp out Katherine Harris to Le Pen in France?

Force feed chili fries to Dick Cheney and yell BOO! when he didn’t expect it?

Run Karen Hughes out? (Oops. So how’d ya like that there Klondike Bar, Dubya?)

Give Al Gore a(nother) wedgie.

Bathe in goats blood while listening to Pat Boone sin “Bring your daughter to the Slaughter”.

Rock the casbah?

Use pure strategery like subliminable messages to convindicate his dad to give him one?

Invade Canada.

team up with Clinton to really “smoke the terrorists out of their holes”?