What Would Embarrass You?

We are all human n all of us sometimes do things or say things before we think…why did I do that? In all reality screw it! Be proud n laugh it off lol:)

I had a meeting with a potential client last week and completely forgot his name as I was walking in the building.

I made it through the meeting w/o ever figuring it out, nor did I ever have to reference the guy by name. He was very impressed and sent us a RFQ within a day, so he apparently didn’t glom on.

Photos of me from the 1970s and 1980s.

When that happens to me I say: “Oh, we met a while ago and now I can’t remember your name.”
They say “Junie B. Jones.”
I get a thoughtful, confused look on my face and say: “No, that wasn’t it.”

Calling a teacher at school “Mum” by accident. And doing the same thing later on to a secretary working at the offices of my first job.

Riding in a 18 wheeler down a Cal. freeway, with your husband driving very slow because he’s laughing so hard. You freaking out because you can’t get a huge noisy beetle unattached from the front of your blouse and it’s coming closer to your face. Panicking, tearing off the blouse and throwing it out the window just as you pass a surprised road crew and realizing the interior light is on and your not wearing a bra.

:smiley: Simple, effective and charming. Mind if I steal that one?

Another great save is to introduce Mr. Forgottenname to Ms. Whatsherface, whose name you also can’t recall, say: “You two know each other, of course?”
If everything goes as planned, Mr Forgottenname will save you by extending his hand and introducing himself by name to the lady, who will mention her own name in return.