Things That Are Embarrassing To Share...

…Except on the Internet.

I’ll go first.

I just discovered I wore my underwear on backwards all day.
(Hanes boxer briefs, color black, size 32-36, since I’m sharing). :smiley:

I read this thread.

All day without peeing? Is your bladder supersized?

Things that are difficult to share?

A chocolate donut that you already licked the chocolate off and put it back in the box.

Uh, I do this occasionally. And does it suck to go for the first slash of the work day only to find out yer gotchies are on backward.

I wore a pocket tee inside out all one day, which meant the pocket stitching showed in the front and the label in the back. However, Portland being hipster central of the PNW, I may have just started a new fad rather than have embarrassed myself.

Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes all day and then you got something to :eek: over!

Naw, people will just assume you’re a superhero who’s not got a good super-tailor yet.

Which brings up an oft asked question… Perhaps it needs a poll. Do you (men) actually use the flap in front?

Beats getting yellow stains in front, doesn’t it? :eek:

<hangs head> Not all the time. But I’m not boxers.

How would using the flap prevent that? If anything, I would expect the dribbles that come from… Ya know what? Nevermind. :o

Needless to say (isn’t it?), been discussed already.

Men: peeing through the fly in your underwear, or over it?

Men’s underwear, fly or no fly?

Men’s underwear, fly or no fly, take 2

Men’s Underwear…with no fly

Guys - how do you, uh, whip it out?

Any guys EVER use the fly opening in brief underwear?

A men’s pee pee inquiry. Not tmi, I promise.

I once saw a woman, all dressed up, walk out of the ladies bathroom with her dress tucked into the back of her pantyhose. It took me far too long to realize it was accidental.

If not, it just changes the question from “Hey, where’s the access port?” to “Hey, how come there’s a label… oh” when you pull the front down.

I find that, if I’m wearing properly fitted slacks, it’s hard to notice right away when one’s fly is still open. Sometimes for the entire day.

Walking through the lobby at work one day, I had a rather productive sneeze and ducked into the restroom to wash my hands. While washing, I looked to the side and wondered, “How come there’s one of those dispensers in the men’s… oh.”

This happened to me at a cousin’s wedding. Fortunately, one of my relatives came up behind me, yanked my hem out of the waistband while saying “You have lovely underpants, but no one wants to see them!” So my embarrassment was over before it really began.

I did walk around at work one time with my jeans unzipped. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but no one said anything. Not that there was anything to see - just white granny panties, had the zipper gapped.

Walking out to my car on the way to work, an unsavory looking dude was staring at me, like, undressing me with his eyes, full on ogling, and I guess I was in a bad mood or something and I yelled at him. It wasn’t until I had been at work for over 2 hours that I realized the zipper in my dress (it was down the side, under the armpit) was undone :eek:

Not too long ago, as I was getting undressed after work, I realized I’d left the temporary tacking stitches (I think that’s what they’re called) on the skirt I was wearing. The skirt is light grey; the thread bright red :smack:

Many years ago when I first met my (English) boyfriend, I had an orange tabby that he always called Ginger (as you do). Somehow that morphed into “Ginger minge”, which I guess I assumed was a reference to her, well, whinging. The first time I was introduced to a couple of his friends - also English- was in a British colonial type restaurant - also lousy with Brits. The wife of the couple is telling me the story of how they got their cat (they found her) and I excitedly shouted “that’s how I got my minge!” :eek::eek:
(For those that don’t know, minge is a derogatory term for a ladies pubic region).

I did that once, except it was sideways. I wore a thong and in the morning I somehow put my legs through the wrong holes. Didn’t notice until my mid-morning bathroom break at work.

You daughter is really enthusiastic about oral sex. I give her 5 stars! :eek: And so do my friends! :smiley:

Just remembered another one. Bear in mind that I was *very *naive way back then - I had no idea how sheltered I’d been.

When I was in the Navy, I was talking with a guy in one of my classes about bootcamp experiences. He told me about the time he was caught by his company commander choking the chicken in the CC’s office. I asked him how he got a chicken in bootcamp. He stared at me a bit before informing me that boys were born with them.

I probably blushed real good…