What would happen if 50 cent was dubbed over an anti-masturbation video...

…made by Jehovah’s Witnesses for deaf people?

Audio is 50 cent…so may be NSFW.

Apparently there’s a rhythm to signing that lines up pretty closely with “In tha Club” by 50 Cent. That’s pretty much all there is to it, I think.

Dubstep was created for this…have the wobbles groove with the strokes…

But it’s still okay for non-deaf people to masturbate…right? right?

Is that jacking off motion the official sign language “word” for masturbation?

Reminds me of the old Barney Tupac video.

Or diddling!? :confused:

JWs are especially obsessed with masturbation. A kid brought a pamphlet to my grade school and we had fun laughing about it until a teacher found out about it. I don’t think we even knew what masturbation was, but like South Park adults’ interest did the opposite of dissuading us.

You learned about masturbation from a pamphlet? I wouldn’t be mentioning that here. I still haven’t lived down pointing out that I learned about it from a book called “God, Sex, and You.” The book even flat out said that there was no way the kid reading didn’t already know about it.

They’re JWs, so it isn’t a instructional guide. Take notes: we read it and it was funny because we knew masturbation was something funny; we didn’t know how to do it. So no, at ~7 years old I was not playing with myself, or at least with any goal in mind, were you? No, at the time I did not know particularly how to do it, but now I know which batteries give the best rush when alligator clipped to your nipples.

That’s a beautiful video.

Which deaf people can’t really enjoy.

I’m pretty sure that not enjoying is the point of the JW video, and that a Deaf viewer isn’t the intended audience of the reboot.