What would this guitar sound like?

I was listening to John Hiatt’s Memphis in the Meantime earlier today. In the opening verse he moans that, although he likes country music and mandolins,

Not being a guitarist, I have no idea what this would sound like. Presumably something popular in Memphis blues, given the topic of the song, but that’s all I’ve got to go on.

So, can any of you guitar afficianados give me an example of a popular or easily recognizable song that would feature the sound of a Telecaster played through a Vibrolux? Turning the Vibrolux to 10 is optional.

Youtube should have videos of Teles played through vintage Fender amps. Old Fender tube amps are reknowned for their clean, sparkly tone. Crank 'em up though, and it’ll give you some guts.

I would hope he’s in a really big room, but yeah, it would sound pretty nice if the right person were playing it. A little more twangy than a Strat and a full room sound.


All good replies so far - a Vibrolux is a gigging amp - as **Euth **references, they can be VERY loud. Stevie Ray Vaughn favored Vibroluxes (along with old Fender Bassman and other models, too) - but he played a Strat.

The beauty of a Fender amp is that “just breaking up” tone - that youTube link posted by **PetW **hints at that, although the guy playing keeps noodling so much that you don’t really hear the amp as well as you good (and he’s playing a semi-hollow thinline with different pickups vs. a normal solidbody Tele, but that’s a different thing altogether…)

I would say this: you know the infamous first chords that Keith Richards plays on Start Me Up? Where it sounds like a great guitar, but there is an indefinable chiminess to the tone, too? That’s a great Rock tone for a Tele through a Fender amp. You could also try Brad Paisley or Vince Gill for a more classic Country Tele tone…

Thanks WordMan, that helps. I have recently begun listening to some of Brad Paisley’s stuff, and of course I’m familiar with “Start Me Up,” so that gives me an idea of what it might sound like.

I did wind up reading the Wikipedia page on the Telecaster, and it mentioned that Steve Cropper plays one. I guess I assumed that Hiatt was heading to Memphis for the blues he couldn’t hear in Nashville, but maybe it was some more soulful, R&B he was looking for. Until I get a chance to ask Mr. Hiatt, I guess I’ll just have to speculate.

Oh yeah, Mr. Stax / Booker T and the MG’s (Cropper) is, like, Mr. Tele, along with James Burton (played lead for Elvis and Ricky Nelson and just smokes on a Tele) and countless other Country, Rock and R&B players.

As for Mr. Hiatt - hmmm, my old bass player was a guitar tech for him for years on the road - I can try asking him! :wink: But I am sure the lyric is just referring to the super-special something that comes from strapping on a Tele, plugging into to a great Fender amp and just going to town.