What would you ask your ten year old self?

I thought of this after reading my other MPSIMS thread “Stupid things you believed as a kid II”

Things other people suggested had me wondering what my own thoughts on that subject were. I don’t actually remember, so it would be cool to be able to go back and ask myself. Some things I’d ask myself are…
Does your mum read minds?

Why do you think Americans and Australians speak English but French and German people don’t?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would ask him to give me a tour of his house. To walk around in my old house again would be fantastic.

I would also ask him what his earliest memory is. I wonder if it’s the same as mine.

Those are good ones.

I think me[sup]10[/sup] has the same earliest memory as me[sup]25[/sup]… a wooden toy racing card and my old back yard. (one memory)

that’s ‘car’, not ‘card’ :smack:

I would probably ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. Atleast I had an ambition then…

I’d ask him if he could find my Fantastic Four #4 or if I really did dream I had it. (If I did have it, it wasn’t worth more than $50 or so, it was in horrid condition. I mean, truly dreadful.)

I’d ask me to put lots of bets on when I turned 16 (I’d be giving me the results of course) and be rich rich rich.

I’d ask her if seeing how she’d turn out made it any easier to bear the things she was going through.

Probably a lot of the same things my parents were always asking me. “What were you thinking when you jumped off the roof?” “Why did you wander off into the woods without a guide?” “What made you think you could clear that jump on your little bicycle?” “Where were you when I went to check on you at 1 AM last night?”

OK, that last one I remember the answer to. But the others have me as puzzled as they did everyone else …

“What do you enjoy most about life?”

Sometimes, the best perspective belongs to a kid.