What would you do for $10,000?

Inspired by this thread (woman tattoos casino’s name on forehead for $10,000 ), what would YOU do for $10,000?

You get cash, no taxes, just $10,000 handed to you.

I would:

  • eat a bug
  • eat various gross things (but not too gross; not Fear Factor gross)
  • as someone in the thread suggested, I would paint an ad on my forehead for a limited period of time, but no tattoos, period. I have bangs, anyway. :smiley:
  • shave my head
  • do an unpleasant job for a short period of time (like outhouse cleaner for a week)

Eat a Klondike bar.

Did I do this right?

Yes, but is it a GROSS Klondike Bar?

Nothing. I don’t consider it enough money to go to the trouble of doing anything remotely odious. I might swiffer a floor or do light housework but I wouldn’t take an unpleasant job, do any physical labor beyond what I do for myself in terms of home improvement/cleaning, eat anything gross or pimp out any part of my body. I doubt anyone would give me 10K for the minimal number of jobs I would be willing to take…the only thing I can think of is catering a large gathering. That would be really fun.

Paint big pink lettering on the side of my car (in washable paint of course) that said:

I did this for $10,000

and drive around like that for a week.

Yes, I know it’s magenta, but you could hardly see the pink.

anu-la, I’m guessing you’re not as deeply in debt or under-employed as we are. I don’t mean that as a slight; I wouldn’t do much for $10,000 either, if we weren’t as tight for money as we are. $10,000 would just about pay off one of our debts.

mr bus guy, I would totally do that. In permanent paint, even (I’m about to get rid of my car.) Hey, you’ve given me an idea - maybe I should go to eBay.

I’m 54K in debt for school loans and I still wouldn’t do anything odious for an instant 10K. I simply don’t like the idea of doing odious things for the pleasure of others unless it involves family-in-trouble type money. Although, I’m not underemployed but my job for the next year is in the public sector and I won’t be pulling in the type of cash you think I’m getting to give that answer.

What are you people, insane? It’s ten thousand dollars!

I’d do a LOT of odious things for $10,000, as long as they aren’t permanently scarring.

A man talking to a woman says, “Would you sleep with me for $10 million dollars?”

The woman responds, “For $10 million dollars? That’s a hell of a lot of money, of course I would!”

The man then says, “Would you sleep with me for $10?”

The woman responds, “$10? Are you trying to insult me? What kind of a person do you think I am?”

The man responds, “We’ve already established that, now we’re simply bargaining about the price.”

I already do a fair number of odious things here at work, so I’m not sure what my limits are. I’m not notably shy or selfconscious. I’ve already accidentally inhaled bugs, so eating bugs would be ok. Probably not worms, though. Of course, anything is probably ok fried and buttered. Otherwise, I think my limits are more along the lines of not illegal, not immoral (to me), not permanent, and wouldn’t hurt another person (like my wife’s feelings), so

Run through town in my underwear? Yes.
Run through town in someone else’s underwear and bowling shoes? No.

Wear a dress and make up and hang out at bar? Yes.
Be made up by a professional and try to pick up a guy at a bar? No.

Shave my head? Yes. (I’m not sure many would notice.)
Shave my kids’ heads? No. Unless they agreed and the hair went to charity.

Get a brazilian? Yes. uh, Maybe.
Give my wife one? No.

I just know i’m going to be sorry, but what’s a brazilian?

As for me. I pretty much could care less what people think of me, so it’s likely to be a pretty long list. It’s probably easier to ask what I wouldn’t do. Hell, I can’t even plead poverty as an excuse.

I’ve shot men for less. . .

. . . hell, I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Alright then. We are obviously coming from two different places - it was never my intention to insult you. I assumed that everyone in financial difficulty would jump at the chance to make a quick wad o’ cash - you’re saying that you wouldn’t, and I respect that.

Yeah, but you do it for a regular paycheck, Tripler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time, use a spoiler box.:slight_smile:

What if it were your own underwear and bowling shoes? What then? Or is it the bowling shoes that nixes the whole deal?

There are a lot of things I can think of that I’d do for $10,000. I don’t embarrass easily, and if someone’s stupid enough to offer me that amount of money to run through town in someone else’s underwear and bowling shoes, I’d totally do it. As long as I also got to wear a bra, of course, 'cause otherwise, it would hurt.

I’m definitely not in any financial difficulty-I’m not going to assume the honor of overcoming real financial difficulty away from those that actually do it because I know I have it really easy compared to most. I have a great life and I have a job with high income potential in the future but I’m not exactly driving to the country club in a benz right now is all I meant. To me 54K is a lot but not enough to compel me to do something odious. It would take like a year and a half off my payment schedule. Taking away the pleasure from someone of seeing me do something offensive to me is worth more than that year and a half right now.

You didn’t insult me at any point. I just wanted to clarify that I am not at zero debt + a six-figure salary right now to make that statement. There is just very little I will do…probably mostly because I have a contrary personality and I get fed up of seeing obnoxious people treat my mom like crap because they have oh-so-much money that they can even treat an educated professional like shit (yes, it happens if you’re in the service industry).

I would do pretty much anything that

a) wasn’t permanent
b) didn’t involve me eating things that aren’t usually et (like bugs and such), or anything that IS usually et, that is or was in any form a fetus, or human.
c) wasn’t innately deadly (i.e. eating puffer fish, etc)

Outside of that, even though I’m relatively comfortable, I’d do pretty much anything.

Personally, I’d: [ul]
[]shave my head (although since my hair’s only about an eighth of an inch long, perhaps that doesn’t mean much) []eat no meat for two weeks []stay off of my computer for three weeks []not read for pleasure for two days run two miles[/ul]

Hmm… for $10 K, I’d be willing to do any Radcon work that wouldn’t involve more than 5 REM dose. And, yes, this includes the grossest job I can imagine: cleaning out a contaminated bilge.

I’d be willing to wear, on my forehead (or bald spot) any temporary advertisement - as long as it’s not for something I have philosophical objections to (casinos are about the furthest I’d consider pimping out for.) being a billboard for - but for a set period of time, say a month or even six months.

You could shave my head, as long as I got to keep my eyebrows. You couldn’t shave my back.

I’d be willing to eat one thousand year egg. No sea cucumber, though. Nor jellyfish.

I’d be willing to give up Elixer of Life (aka Coca-cola) for a temporary period. Say a month or two. <shuddering at the thought of life without Elixer for that long> Addict? No, I’m not an addict. Addict is far too mild a term for my relationship with Elixer.

A temporary safe modification of diet. Say going vegetarian, or Vegan.