What would you do given an extra hour a day?

I would get some sleep.

I would sleep too. Definitely.

Actually, I would probably continue to stay up too late on the computer, but I would be able to sit there and think “Hey, I could sleep longer if I wanted to.”

I’d get another hour of studying in.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Another vote for sleep.

Sleep sounds good but I’d take reading (for pleasure, not for school).

Employers would successfully have labor laws changed to expand the workday. Thus, I guess I would work.

My “posts per day” would go up accordingly. :wink:

Another vote for reading.

R u kidding ? Sleeeeepppp.


Oh yeah, sleep.

I have always felt that I was kidnapped by aliens from a planet that has a 27-hour day & dropped on this wretched Earth. An extra hour would bring me a little closer to leading a “normal” life.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… ::cough:: ::snore:: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Unless it was like this stored up hour that I could invoke at any time I wanted. So I could have an extra hour to research an article or study for an exam when I realize I’m not prepared. Or when I realize I’ll show up half an hour late for something, I say “Shazam!” and miraculously I’m half an hour early.

eh, who am I kidding. I’d just use it for sleep.

Well, I would probably be on the computer or out with my friends. Eventually, my body would end up “crashing” like it always does, and I would have to use that extra hour for sleep for awhile.

Ever since going throught the hell of a graveyard shift for over a year, I have dearly valued getting good amounts of sleep.

So, I’ll definitely join the many others in saying I’d definitely use an extra hour for SLEEP.

You too? We’ve got to figure out a way to get back there! This 24-hour-day thing is killing me.


As I am soon going to be a sleep deprived parent of a new born I’d also vote - Sleep.

Sleep. Hmm… are we noticing a pattern? I’m not. I’m thinking about how nice it would be to take a nap right now : )

Sleep, sweet comforting soothing bissful…


Ah, sleep. Why do we all long for it, but very few of us get enough of it?

I loooooove sleeping, but I still can’t seem to drag myelf to bed before 1 a.m.

Answer to the OP: sleep, of course.