What would you do to make Google Earth even better?

I love Google Earth. My family loves Google Earth. We sit around the warm computer screen intently at night, enjoying Google Earth.

I’m imagining even better things that could be included. Like the ability to easily create and upload your own 3-d models. A sort of Wiki-Google-Earth.

And maybe one day we’ll have nighttime view, and enhanced resolution in more places. I’m really just so impressed with this software.

Any other ideas?

I have two words for thee, unenlightened mortal: Better. Zoom.

Oh, and live satellite feed would be cool, too. If slightly creepy.

Real time images would be cool. I would use it as I use my answering machine. Someone knocks at my door. I pop into Google Earth, zoom into my house and see who’s at the door. Then I decide whether or not to answer it. :smiley:

Niiice. :smiley:

Possibly some of these could be part of the paid service, but…

Google Earth needs better flying controls. They should separate viewpoint attitude and viewpoint direction.

In addition, IWBN if Google would:

Scale a distance indicator and put it in perspective on the ground. Do the same with the compass.

Show country names on either side of visible parts of borders.

Hook up as many 3D buildings as possible to the drawings on SkyscraperPage.

Import, map, and update weather information: temps, clouds, winds, rain, etc. Make the clouds available in 3D.

Add ocean currents!

Allow export of movies of zooms through the landscape. There should be an option to slow the export of movie frames down until all the objects in each frame are rendered.

Fix the poles. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but the South Pole looks very… odd.

Hook the system up to land registries as another data layer. Click on a tract of land, see the borders, find out who owns it.

Add pilots’ information (both sea and air).

Clarify copyright status and licensing of the images. I’m working with someone who is very interested in using Google Earth images in travel videos.

Provide a phone number for licensing and sales.

And make Sugarloaf Mountain 3D, dammit! :slight_smile:

Traffic reports would be cool to see show up (I don’t even have a car, but I’d find it fascinating).

Is weather/temperature on there? I can’t remember

I just want better resolution images. I know, I know, not Google’s fault, it’s whoever own the high res satellites thiking that every place I have lived in my life isn’t important enough for high res. :wink:

Haven’t ANY of you people read Asimov’s “The Dead Past”? :smack:


…lightning strike
> godzilla