What would you do with Adam Sandler's remote control (Click movie, possible spoilers)

I saw the Adam Sandler movie and of course the god-like powers of the remote control is secondary to the point they were trying to make about family comes first, etc.

Anyway, I was wondering what I would do with that thing. They purposely didn’t tell the main character about the fast forwarding, so I’d avoid ever using that button once I found out.

I think I’d test out the limits of the Pause button a lot more.

Reminded me of Nick Worthey’s flash movie The Wand.

Rewind life to the point before Adam Sandler started making movies, and then avoid them after I hit “Play”.

I know you’re being snarky, but the remote doesn’t work that way. Rewinds are voyeuristic journeys only and don’t allow you to change the past.

I would rewind to just before you posted this joke, and then post it myself. :slight_smile:

I would go back to various historical occurances and get the Straight Dope, as it were, and forth to see where we end up in 500, 1000 years or more.

I’m boring. I’d pause the rest of the world when I needed more time to study.

I would explore the special features more. I was surprised that the movie didn’t explore the obviously most interesting special features:

Deleted scenes
Alternate endings
Behind the scenes documentaries