What Would You Like On Your Hamburger?

At Casa RickJay we’ve got the homemade beef patties ready to go. The barbeque’s on and I’m getting it nice and hot. And as luck would have it, I recently went to the grocery store and got just about every edible fixing you can think of. And you’re coming over.

So what do you want on your burger? Note that everyone gets two burgers if they want (they’re big patties; you won’t be able to eat more than two) and so you can dress your burgers differently if you like.

Oh, and it’s a beautiful warm, sunny afternoon, and we’re eating on my deck, so you’d better tell me what you want to drink with your burgers.

Cheese, onion, dill pickle chips and ketchup.

Oh, and a Mountain Dew or a Pacifico.

Here in Seattle I would need an umbrella with it.

Make the first one with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and if you got some bacon, throw that on it too. Nice cold Drop Top Amber Ale would be nice.

Second one make it with a nice slice of pepperjack and add some onion straws and add some lettuce and tomatoe. That one would be good with a nice cold Moes Backroom Amber Ale.

Thanks for the burgers!

Ketchup, mayo, fried onions.

And throw the buns on the grill for a few seconds, willya?

I’ll have ketchup, fried onion, bacon, cheese and pineapple with a glass of your finest Coca Cola please!

Swiss, mushrooms, green peppers, and a little A-1 sauce on the first one.

Second one, I’ll go with boursin cheese.

Steady supply of Newcastle to wash 'em down, if you don’t mind.

White onions, sliced at least 1/8" thick
Tomatoes, same size slices
Hamburger dill pickles
Lettuce (iceberg)
American cheese
Sesame seed buns, since you bought everything. :wink:

Water’s fine, but unsweetened tea otherwise.

Chips – Ruffles preferred, otherwise plain Lay’s

Habanero jack cheese
A couple of roasted serranos
Sliced yellow onion
Chopped garlic 1 clove
Same as Zeldar with the buns
I’ll take both the same, please.

By any chance any potato or macaroni salad?

Anchor Steam or Liberty Ale

This is great, a cookout without the smoke in the eyes.

I’ll take one with American cheese, bacon and A-1, the other with pepperjack, ketchup and mustard.

If you could butter toast the buns that would be great.

I’ll take some iced tea, sweetened please.

I gotta hit the head…upstairs?

I’d like mine plain, please, with just pepper on it. And a Pepsi as well.

From the bottom, up…

hamburger (just barely medium, no pink inside and still juicy)
ketchup (Heinz, if you have it)
pickle (dill, not too many)
onion (raw, one slice, a little thicker than a toothpick)
lettuce (shredded)
top bun (no sesame seeds)

and a coke (no ice, please)
Occasionally, if I’m eating out, I’ll have bacon and cheese on a burger, but I don’t bother with it at home.

Some Monterey Jack cheese and A-1 steak sauce, please! Medium rare, if possible.

A Dr. Pepper on the side would be fantastic.

Mayo, red relish, quarter ton of fried onion, toasted bun.

It’s sunny in Birch Bay. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take mine with salt and pepper before cooking, lettuce, tomato, a thin slice of onion, and mayo on a toasted bun. I don’t like to overpower the meat.

1: bleu cheese, bacon, tomato, mayonnaise

2: mozzarella, mushrooms, bacon, garlic aioli

3: Root beer

Hey, thanks for the treat! (FTR, I could have eaten more than two.) :wink:

A not too think not too thin slice of Pepperjack or American Cheese.

Cold, crisp Iceburg lettuce for texture.

Super cold dill pickle chips.

A few rings of raw white onion.

Mayo, yellow mustard and Heinz ketchup.

Ground pepper.

And plenty of New Castle to wash it down (Guess me and Cuckoorex are sitting at the same table).

We can split a keg!

Sliced tomato, sliced (lengthwise) dill pickle, aged cheddar cheese, diced onion, and a small amount of ketchup, yellow mustard, and Kraft BBQ sauce. To drink I’ll go with some Rickard’s Red.

I must toss in this exception to my preferences above.

If you can make your burgers like Krystal does theirs (and I assume White Castle is a close enough approximation if you don’t know Krystal), then all I need is pickles and mustard.

But I have to have a minimum of six of them to equal a good-sized burger.

But I could eat 15 before slowing down.

Gut bombs. But mighty good eating.

Loving this thread at least as much as the recent ones on Subway and pizza.

Cheese; I’m not picky, whatever type you have will do. Also . . .
thinly sliced red onion
crispy bacon

Butter the buns and grill them, season those burgers with some s & p, and cook them medium-well. I’ll take a kosher dill spear on the side. Some homemade potato salad would would be welcome and some cole slaw too. I might even put a little of the slaw on my burger.

I’ll drink just about anything except soda. An icy cold beer would be perfect and again, I’m not picky about it.

Thanks for hosting, RickJay! What a great way to welcome spring!