What would you offer Hillary if you were Obama?

Apologies if this has come around, but with pages and pages of Obama/Clinton threads it’s difficult to look through.

Assuming Obama gets the nomination (not exactly foregone but you can see it from heah), I don’t think he’ll offer her the VP, but if he’s elected then I think he will and arguably should make use of her somehow. If nothing else the broad’s a bulldog who’s proven she is not going to let go of a goal, and unlike when she was First Lady she may be able to really use that when she has a cabinet or appointed position. What do you think he should or will offer her?

I would offer her the first available SCotUS seat in a New York Arkansas Chicago minute as she’s qualified, young enough to keep it for a long time, would thoroughly piss off all the right people but has nothing that could really block her confirmation, but I seriously doubt she’d be interested in it. Secretary of State perhaps… except I really don’t like her for it…

Attorney General I think.

What about you?

On the off chance that she’d appreciate the distance, perhaps make Bill the Ambassador to the EU, or something.

I’d offer her to be the Junior senator from New York. Though having Bill be the ambassador to the UN might not be a bad thing overall.

Nothing. Why should he?

…and thats not to be vindictive…but really…why should he offer anything?

Maybe give her a small cabinet level job, which she won’t accept (she’s a senator for og’s sake). I don’t understand why every democrat I talk with says he should give her the VP spot.

Remember 2-3 months ago, when she offered him the VP, even though he was beating her into the ground in the election delegates/pop vote/etc.?

He owes her nothing, she crowned herself queen a year ago, a young guy came up and beat her at her own game (that she and her husband have been running for 18 years), she’s b%tching/moaning now, but sooner or later she has to face reality.

She has 2 options right now, concede, or continue fighting a fruitless battle with backdoor deals. She’s lost the race she was assured was her’s a year ago, she needs to go back to NY and sulk for a while. If she decides to keep going past this week, I say Obama should declare political warfare on her through his surrogates to put her to rest once and for all.

I’d offer her forty hecklers and podium.

The ambassadorship to Bosnia and a bulletproof pantsuit.

She has far too much thirst for power to offer her anything. Send her packing instead of trying to chain up a she-wolf that you will always have to keep an eye on or watch your step around.

Perhaps clear her campaign debts (not including her loans to herself), but I don’t see any reason to offer her a position on the ticket or in his cabinet. She’s a Senator and that’s a pretty good gig for her right there. Let her earn Majority Whip or something.

Not to mention the he-wolf she drags around with her.

I would offer to let her spearhead the health care bill from her spot in the Senate. No more than that–especially not paying off the debt she accumulated while trying to tear me down when it was clear that she would not be the nominee.

I’d offer to either give her or help her raise part of her campaign debt–the part owed to the small businesses and other companies she used along the campaign trail and to her lower-level staff. She and her overpaid consultants are on their own.

He should also offer to make appearances to support politicians in Obama-friendly districts who supported Hillary and are now catching hell from their constituents over it. (This is true of several African-American pols, and reportedly it’s something Hillary is actually concerned about.)

In exchange, she quits cleanly, foregoes her appeal to the Credentials Committee, and states publicly and forcefully that she will not accept the VP slot.

I’ve felt from the start that she should be SecState. Maybe head of NSA.

Agreed. Quietly let her know that you will sign a mandate proposal if she can get it through it and will help her take as much credit for the plan as she wants. Let also spearhead the energy legislation that they both agree on and share in the credit for that. She really can’t go directly into Reid’s job or even garner major chairmanships. If she’s going to stay in the Senate (if) then sponsoring and trumpetting and shepherding to completion these big ticket items are the way for her to obtain the mantle of leadership.

I keep hearing mention of SCOTUS. With all the distinguished judges in the country to choose from, and with both houses of Congress chock-full of lawyers, why in the world would I nominate the junior Senator from New York to the Supreme Court? I’m not being malicious; just don’t know of any special qualifications shown by Sen. Clinton that would put her on the short list.

Wouldn’t want her on my cabinet, either; there are other people at least as capable and less ambitious.

Screw that. Its her debt and worse she could have…should have avoided it. HRC ain’t gonna starve or be thrown out of her house.

Why give her any more credit than she might deserve for any health care bill? I mean it, she shouldn’t get anything special just because she was running. I thought Obama wanted to get rid of the backroom deals in government.

There are none. She has zero judicial experience, she hasn’t practiced law in years, and she would carry the baggage of her uniquely legislative perspective to the bench. Further, there is nothing the GOP would like more than to force her to sit before the Senate while they air out every piece of dirty laundry they can dig up, and fight Byzantine battles over whether Bill’s Presidency guarantees her private papers have “executive” privilege.

She’s perfect for the Senate. Leave her there.

I think Obama will ultimately help her raise the cmoney to pay off her campaign debt, by spondoring big black tie events for his presidency. She will of course have to do the impossible and stand up, and make everyone believe she does not want the VP spot, and go further to make her sonstituents believe Obama is the man who will beat John McCain in the fall. She will have to answer some very tough questions, like, “why did you say McCain would be a better president than Obama” and others. It’s not an easy peasy road for Clinton when this is all said and done. She’s got a goliath piece of humble pie to dig into, and when she’s done eating that, she’ll get served several more humble pies she will have to eat.

Then - maybe she will enjoy her years in the senate. But right now, she pissed a lot of upper echelon folks off, major donors, and party elite…she’s got some digging and foundation work to do.

Lots of pies from African-Americans — you know, the people who don’t work hard, whose hope for the presidency is a fairy tale, and whose victories in South Carolina are a fluke. Better have an appetite.

Bingo. You got my vote.