What would you say the chances are of you ever having sex again (after today)?

I’d guess that mine was about a 60 percent chance…which isn’t too bad…

100% (at least).

Does it have to be with another person?

Between this very moment and when I die? As close to 100% as I’m willing to estimate it (I mean, one of us could keel over as soon as I hit the button to post)
Between midnight and when I die? Ditto.
Between when I go to bet and when I die? 99% (The starting time is farther away more chance for something to go awry)

Unless I die in the next few hours (unlikely), 100%.

More than 99% I suppose. Basically one of us would have to die within the next few days. Or next couple of days. Or hours. What I’m saying is we’ll probably have sex soon.

I’m 51.

I’m not with anyone at the moment, and I don’t want to be. Unless I ever feel like changing that, I’d say 0.

Virtually certain. I have a wife I adore who hasn’t wised up and realized she can do tons better.

Slim to none. And Slim’s out of town.

Based on the looks the wife has been giving me…100% unless I drop dead before midnight.

Ditto except I’m 46.

I have a suspicious mind. What happens after today?

Hey! We’re the same age. And I am not with anyone at the moment either. That said, I will probably get laid within the next several days.

58 year old male virgin here…and I’m almost certain to die a virgin.

I just don’t have that much interest in it. It isn’t even on my bucket list. (Hm, it sounds really dirty that way, doesn’t it?)

52 and separated.

To be honest sex is one of those activities that is OK, but not really near the top of my list of fun things. I like it OK, but it has ever been an urgent goal of mine to go out and get laid. It seems exciting the first few times with a new person, but then it seems to become routine and expected, like shaving or trimming your finger nails.

I should maybe start a new thread.

I love companionship and sharing thoughts, meals, movies, a golf game perhaps or a walk in the sun? Sex is overrated for me. I worry too much about the other person to focus on my own pleasure. And I have no problem occasionally taking care of my own pleasure.

Yeah. I’m weird, I guess.

ETA: After all the above I’m still 100% sure I’ll have sex again. When I’m ready. And right now I’m not.

99&44/100 pure certainty

100%. I’m not done yet! Sex is too much fun to give up!

Points! :p:D

So, I was listening to Penn’s Sunday School podcast, and he had a story about a guy who was involved with a woman who was into kink. And the guy loved it at first, but then just found it tiresome to have to write a script and handle all the details and so on.

So, the guy told Penn that the next person he’s with, will be someone who says to him, “I’m making myself a grilled-cheese sandwich. You want one?”

Yeah. I’d like 85% grilled cheese sandwich, 10% “normal”, and 5% freaky shit that’s illegal in most states. Tough to find.

A million to one, and still they come.

100% but not for 6 more weeks.

Stupid hysterectomy.