What would you think about a forum/fanclub with this "rule"?

I am part of a fanclub/forum* (not mental illness or health related at all) and one of their rules is:

The above is mixed in with the normal “No swear, religious, political, flaming” rules that almost all forums have.

So, what does that make you think about the forum? Would YOU join it?

*The people are otherwise sane and there is no “wooieness” going on.

Who sets the criteria for determining a post’s “upbeatness”?

Like porn, I know it when I see it.

If mod warnings are sent via PM, this would be fine. If modding is public, it’s a fail, because a warning is, by itself, far from upbeat!

I don’t believe, human nature being what it is, this could be sustainable. But I don’t object at all to the idea of the rule, and I applaud the motivation.

If it’s a fan forum, I can see it. Even here, we have a “no threadshitting” culture in Cafe Society.

For a fan club — an organization devoted to celebrating some person, group, or thing — I guess it makes sense to demand positivity. You’re not going to get much depth of discussion, but that may be beside the point.

It’s primarily on FB and the mod will delete things without warning. It’s run by a woman who has been a “fan” of the thing for several decades and I have a feeling she’s the “Uber Mod”.