What WW2 movie was this quote from

This has been in my head for a couple of days and I can’t place it. It’s from a WW2 movie, probably from the 70’s.

German guy: “There - you have made me burn the tea.”

Good guy pulls gun: “That’s OK - let it burn.”

IIRC the good guy was impersonating a German before he pulls the gun. Possibly British actor. That’s all I can remember. Unfortunately I’ve seen way too many WW2 movies to narrow it down just on that.

I think it’s from Force Ten From Navarone. Robert Shaw I believe.

Yes, when part of the group was being held in a cell and Shaw and Solo came back to get them out.

They came back for the demo guy, not Carl Weathers.

A little later, the tea german sounds the alarm and gets shot.

The group escapes the compound with a Weekend At Bernie’s subterfuge.
Remember the scene now? :slight_smile:

Robert Shaw seems to have been a decent actor in the action genre. Specifically, I am thinking about his roles in “Force 10”, “Jaws”, “The Deep”, “The Sting”, and the original “Taking of Pelham 1-2-3”.

Is it my imagination, or does he not seem to get much credit as an action star?

He’s also part of one of best fight scenes ever filmed in “From Russia with Love”.

Reading IMDB, it is stated the he was a bit of a drinker, and sometimes this made him hard to work with. (I saw this in the “trivia” section in “Jaws”.)

That is absolutely it, thank you all!

Milk, not tea.

I do believe you’re correct.

Alltho…, I do seem to recall the milk was for his tea, was it not?

It may have been for a cocoa.

Or even a creamy nougat.

Netflix time!

Now that I’m remembering the whole movie, I just realized that Lescovar was…Django!

He blew them in Croatia.

Franco Nero? :dubious:


I believe he was a “Bit of a drinker”, in the same sense as the late Oliver Reed. I.e. He was a raging alcoholic. Died of a heart attack at 51, almost certainally helped along by his heavy drinking.

Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women.

No, that’s just tartar sauce.

Steven Spielberg on Robert Shaw and the famous scene from Jaws: