What? You’ve never seen someone cry before?

I’m pregnant. We’re in the middle of a heat wave. The Mouse_Pad doesn’t have AC, so no one has been sleeping well. (Heat so bad the cats had insomnia!)

One of my beloved cats has been ill, and I have decided that he should be euthanized once the vet is back from her vacation next week.

Work is insane. The dean has rung the death knell of this department, and many good people are struggling to figure out what to do with their careers. (I decided to quit a while back. Now, I need to talk to my boss – if I can find him – and see if I’ll be laid off soon or if the department’s death will be a slow one.)

Maybe it was my stoic upbringing, or the fact that I work in a male-dominated field (that’s changing, but a 50/50 gender balance hasn’t been reached), but I rarely ever cry.
This morning, I got to the lab door and realized that my badge was in the car. I burst into tears and slumped down onto the floor.

Usually, I’m the first person to arrive. Today, some motivated individuals walked up not long after my outburst. For me, crying is bad, being seen in tears in even worse. Also, my emotional state is not easily hidden: my face turns beet red, my nose starts running like a fountain, my eyes become bloodshot. All of this makes the actual tears look minor.

They ask if I’m ok. I mumble a response, and slink into the restroom. Embarrassed and irrationally angry (What the hell were you guys doing here so early!), I cleaned myself up and started to hike back to the car. (I’m parked in Purgatory. Literally!)

For the rest of today, I’ll be in the mouse rooms. No people, just the rodents.

I’m sorry Mouse_Maven. It sounds like you’ve been coping really well with a stressful day. I can’t believe your university actually has a parking lot called ‘Purgatory’ (although at least there are parking lots.)

I burst into tears really easily when I’m stressed. I turn bright red, etc. Having everyone worry about why I’m upset is usually much worse than whatever made me upset in the first place.

Hope the rest of your day gets better :slight_smile:

Awwww… Mouse_Maven what with you being pregnant and then making the awful yet most humane decision about your cat, well, of course you’re emotional. Here’s hoping your day got a lot better.

Oh and, “Mouse_Pad”, HEE! That’s funny. I call my place “da cave” but “Mouse_Pad”, now that’s comedy gold! :smiley:

There is no crying in science. Suck it up, missy!
Sorry to hear about your day, though. Stupid…what are those things called again?..those…um…emotions!


I’m the same way. I often try to pass it off as allergies.

Get thee to a funny movie. Pregnant women need air-conditioning, laughter, and the jumbo-sized snack (or three) of their choice .

Aww, poor M_M.

Although it was a brief tempest compared to your long-term rottenness (sorry about your kitty and unstable work situation :frowning: ), I had a day like that last week where events ranged from starting a nasuea-inducing crampy, three-day-early period waking me up at three in the morning, to discovering my wedding ring was not where it was supposed to be on my left ring finger at four, then going to work, having to park half a mile from my facility, hiking in at five in the morning only to discover that… my badge was nowhere to be found.

If it makes you feel any better, I called my co-worker sobbing to let me in. And spent all day in the mouse rooms. :wink:

That’s a rough day! Hopefully you found your ring!

I’ve resigned myself to a certain amount of back-ground insanity. Between my insane family and career choice, I’ve hopped onto a crazy bandwagon! Usually, I try to spin everything into amusing stories, there are quite a few (I got beat up by goats once. That’s a favorite of my friends). Recently, things have become more hectic and my moods have been harder to control - finding the right meds is my current goal.

Later this day, I was sitting at my desk, feeling crappy and swearing to beat the snot out of the next person who even looks at me. The phone rings.
“Hello, Boss Lab.”
“I’m locked in the <grabled>”
“I beg your pardon.”
“Mouse! I’m locked in the infectious room! Send someone to let me out.”
:eek: I don’t have access to the room where one of our researchers infect mice with nasty viruses. Frankly, I don’t want access ever.
“Uh. . . I’ll send someone down! Try not to turn into a puddle of ooze, ok?”

M_M, have you tried putting your feet into a bathtub filled with the coldest water you can put in it yet? (Stopping at ice water, or at least not fully ice cold.) It’s a shockingly refreshing feeling, and it keeps you cooler for a time if you have no AC. Do have someone near you in case it makes you dizzy though. I used to stand in a tub of cold water up to mid calf to cool down. This was helped by the fact that the tub was old fashioned enamel covered metal one, sunk a few inches below floor level, and the cold water was “artesian well” temperature. (It did reqiure pre-warming in the winter though, and baths were practical, not luxurious in length. Usually I’d just shower in the winter.) It helped soothe my frazzled hot self quite a bit. That, and sipping the coldest icy things I could, along with ice compresses on my forehead or wrists. Do you have any of those igloo things you could freeze and wrap up to use? (I hope you have enough to have a rotation of them to use.) I have used the tube shaped things that came with a sports bottle I bought at Wal-Mart as a way to ice my wrist recently, so I could prop my wrist up on it (and still use the mouse) and not have a larger awkward ice pack.

Ah, yes, it takes me back.

It was the fall/winter of 1993, I was pregnant with my second boy child, and I literally cried EVERY SINGLE DAY. Over something or other. Of course, it didn’t help that it was at the time that news story came out about the couple with the baby stranded in the snowstorm, and the mom crawled under a ledge and kept herself and her baby alive, and the dad walked several miles in deep snow to get help, and… sniff… and… WAAAAAH! And also in March, at 9 months along, we had a huge snowstorm, quite rare for that part of South Carolina, and I couldn’t find any place to deliver a pizza with extra sauce. WAAAAH!
ETA: With your very real stressors, I certainly wouldn’t blame you for crying now and then. I had very little stress during that time and cried every day!

Keep your chin up and hold your kleenexes high and proud- this, too, shall pass.

I thought you were off already on maternity leave. At least they cared enough to ask if you were ok.