Whatcha listening to?

Quiet night in the Piper household.

Mrs Piper’s out of town and the Cub is asleep.

I’m surfing the Dope and listening to “Morning to Midnight Ragas” by Bismillah Khan. I turned on the Indian music channel on our cable connection expecting to get sitar. The shehnai and tabla I find a bit too demanding for late night. Might prefer it for a summer afternoon in the garden with a beer. :slight_smile:

Ah, his piece finished and now it is sitar: Amjad Ali Khan playing “The Legend of Sarod” - more what I was thinking of for a late evening.

So what are you listening to right now, fellow late night Dopers?

I’m listening to an episode of the Simpsons which is on TV behind me while I “play” Cookie Clicker and read the dope…a.k.a. at work.

Well, I’ve got “The Big Bang Theory” on as I post this; but before it began, I was listening to a friend’s internet radio show.

I’ve got my entire music collection (28,093 tracks) on random play. Right now I’m listening to an excerpt from “Die Bajadere” by Emmerich Kálmán.

I’m listening to myself sing “Durch di Wälder” from Der Freischütz from my coaching this afternoon.

(Not because I actually like listening to myself. I hate listening to myself. But it’s educational.)

An operetta and a composer I’ve never heard of before. I love the Dope for expanding one’s frontiers!