Whatever happened to that teenager who had an affair with a politician?

You know - Christine Keeler, the teenage showgirl who had a liason with British Secretary of War John Profumo in 1963, the fallout from which caused him to resign.

What’s she doing nowadays?

  • Rick

Well, according to this site, she wrote an autobiography in 2000. I’m not able to find that one, but I did find this auto-bio from 1989. Perhaps the author was referring to a reprint?

Her friend, and whistle-blower, Mandy Rice-Davies, wrote a couple of books, too.

A politician had an affair?! :eek:

Christine Keeler is still alive. She’s 60. She’s had trouble finding and keeping jobs for many years now. Profumo’s still alive too and in very good financial shape. He’s 87.

Nifty movie, Scandal.