Whatever happened to the crew of the U-505?

Inspired by my first visit to the U-505 at the Museum of Sci & I in over 20 years, I’m curious as to what happened to the sub’s crew. I know that they were segregated from other POWs to give the appearance that the boat had been sunk, and there’s a book about them playing baseball with their captors, but I’m curious about their lives after the war.

The boat’s Captain allowed his vessel to be captured by the enemy - a feat not accomplished by the US Navy since the War of 1812 - and I’m wondering if he suffered any repercussions in post-war Germany as a result. I’m also curious if any of the crew emigrated to the US, and if so, how they spent their lives.

Anyone have any info? Does anyone know where I can find this info on the net? Or any books that discuss any of this in any detail? - Thanks.

You might want to check out Steel Boat, Iron Hearts, which was written by Hans Goebeler, one of the surviving crewmembers who returned to Germany after the war but then retired to Chicago in 1954.

Here is an online excerpt from a submarine magazine article by Hans Goebeler.

I found these by Googling [U-505 crew]. I had seen the new exhibit last year, and was very impressed with the amount of info provided, both on the tour itself and all the surrounding exhibits.

Try reading the book by the guy who commanded the task force that captured her. Gallery is a great read.

Gallery is in deed a great read.
His views on leadership are excellent.
Getting back to the OP, if I recall what I read correctly the crew members were interned in Louisiana somewhere north of New Orleans. Again IIRC they spent the rest of the war working on the local farms, away from all other POW camps. I believe that several of the crew members either remained in the US or returned to the US after the war, citing the treatment they received as POWs as the reason.

U-505 was not unique - U-570 was captured by the British in 1941 after the sub was bombed by a subhunting plane (supposedly the inexperienced commander and crew were panicked into giving up even though their vessel was not seriously damaged).

U-570 was incorporated into the British navy and recommissioned as HMS Graph.