Whatever happened to the joker who threw a pie at Bill Gates?

I remember seeing that old clip where some clown throws a cream pie at Bill gates, and hits him. He runs away.

What happened to him? Was he prosecuted for battery? Are these other pie-throwers that occassionally show up in the news not ever prosecuted? I am confused as to how they get away with it.

I can’t imagine Gates would want to go to trial to testify. Maybe the guy pled to a lesser charge?

Wasn’t there video? And lots of other witnesses?

Two men were involved. They were prosecuted and lightly fined: BBC News | Americas | 'Pie terrorists' fined for Gates attack

I find no more recent reference to either Keegan’s or Belvaux’s mischief online.

Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to that lady who threw a pie at former Enron president and CEO Jeffrey Skilling.