Whatever happened to...

The Wally emoticon and the Rabbi emoticon?

I haven’t been here in quite some time.

And yet rolleyes remains on the message board?

This is patently preposterous.

They deleted the custom ones and kept the canned ones. The custom ones require extra work from the technical staff and are not worth the trouble. Why do you have an issue with that?

Two down, thirteen to go. Death to all smilies.

I don’t understand why you’re bothered by this, since it looks like these smilies were deleted before you joined. So how can you miss them?

All is made clear here.

But I still don’t know what a Wally is.

As I said in Post #2.

Carlyjay, The Wally smily was made in honor of a proflic poster who supposedly died. When more facts came to light, it became clear that he didn’t really die and many of his masterworks were plagiarized anyway.

Wally really isn’t dead so he was someone’s mult/sock/dupe?

I’m more bothered by the rolleyes emoticon than any emoticon. You could have a Mario smiley eating pizza saying “ATSA SPICY” and I wouldn’t be offended by it.


I’m still wondering why you care, given that you’ve been here only three days.

I’m still wondering why anyone cares why I care? This forum is about factual answers for questions. Learning about my motives would be completely subjective and offtopic for General Questions.
I asked a question. People gave factual answers with cites. Unfortunately I shared my disgust regarding the beloved rolleyes smiley and the reason behind the deletion of two former smilies.

Just because he joined three days ago, doesn’t mean he hasn’t lurked for a while. In any event, I’m on record (in the thread in “About This Message Board”) as being someone who doesn’t care much for rolleyes. It’s usually used as an insult, with post #11 in this thread being a typical example.


And the factual answer to your question has been answered by this link.

Any further comments take them to the other thread, please.