Where are the smilies?

Where have the smack, wally, dubious, and happy orthodox jewish man smilies gone? Will they ever return?

Maybe with paid subscriptiuons we’ll get them back? Maybe even in color? I really miss smack and dubious.

I was wondering about that too. I still see the placeholders for them in the smileys box, but the actual images don’t show up there or in posts.

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well, some of them work anyway.
I can’t remember the code for happy orthodox.
And I meant to hit preview rather than submit.

If you click on the red cross box to the right of the reply box for “happy orthodox jewish man”, j_sum1, you’ll find the code is semi-colon + lowercase j.

Thanx Ice. Actually, I probably don’t have a whole lot of use for ;j But I do think he is rather unique.
But FWIW, on my browser, the box to the right of the reply box is not red and only contains half of the smilies. It’s been like that since the upgrade.

No sort of “picture not displayed” indented kind of boxes? How weird. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your browser? Mines IE6.