Whats a Favorite Non-Hit Song From Any Musician You Like

Ill start with 14 Years from Guns and Roses

May we please limit posts to two or three songs so others can post their favs?

Ballad Of Hollis Brown, Bob Dylan. A bleak ballad in double drop-D tuning, that tells the story of a down and out man and his family.

Dun Ringell Jethro Tull Hook up on a stormy Scots coast as only they can do.

Blood on the Rooftops-Genesis

This ain’t no Invisible Touch and definitely not Disney.

“Angry Young Man” by Billy Joel. It was never a single (and therefore can’t be considered one of his hits) but OMG do I love that piano intro, and it seems like a perfect anthem for the internet age.

“If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful”, a duet by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson. Beautiful love song, never released as a single.

So many possibilities…am I allowed a song which was released as a single in the US, UK and elsewhare, and was not a hit except (according to Wiki) reaching number 22 in New Zealand?

Bob Marley - Redemption Song


Apologies. Please name as many as you want. I was just suggesting that no one make a list of 10 songs.

Josie Cotton, Bye Bye Baby

Two Gunslingers - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“Anagram (for Mongo)” by Rush.

The lyrics are also incredibly creative, even by Rush standards.

Billy Joel’s “Until the Night” is one. I bet it wasn’t released as a single due to length.

Also his “Through the Long Night” has some very cool vocal harmony.

The Who’s “Slip Kid”.

Well in that case…

No, I was just pondering how to approach this. And I think you’re very right to try to keep it down to a couple of songs per post. Personally, I was taken with the idea of posting singles that weren’t hits. Kind of a subset of the OP - so here’s:

David Bowie - Holy Holy.


(This was a non-album single from the Man Who Sold The World period)

It’s such a non-hit that I can’t find the studio version online…but this live version is close: Greg Kihn- Mutiny

Most of the music I like never had a hit song in the US: the Bonzo Dog Band, Captain Beefheart, Emitt Rhodes. Kak, Soft Machine, Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, etc.

This is by Styx, from their first album. The 13-minute time is not a typo. Enjoy!

Water, the B side of the Car Wash 45 by Rose Royce.

Listen to it on hot days.

Coolin’ to your soul in the midst of a hot summer’s daaaaaaaaay…

Last Time by Sepultura

“Meanwhile” by the Moody Blues.

Three bands that I think never had a hit, but made guitar sounds that I really like:

Rollerskate Skinny - Miss Leader

Mansun - Wide Open Space

Built To Spill - Big Dipper