What's a good Pernod drink?

That’s it. I don’t think I can take it straight.

The classic way would be to just add water and/or ice to bring it to the dilution/temperature you prefer (likely more water than you would add to, say, scotch.)

Yeah. Put about two ounces in a tall 8-oz glass, then add 4-5 ounces of chilled water (not ice). That’s how you’d drink it in France. Which, as all we Francophiles know, is the CORRECT way.

I do it even more dilute, 1 part Pernod to four or five parts water (that’s the way my French roommate taught me). As long as you like anise flavors, it’s a wonderful summer, refreshing summer drink.

All the above.

I’ve also had it as a rinse in a French 75. Basically just pour a half-teaspoon or so into each glass, roll it around to coat the inside, then pour out the extra. Proceed with the rest of the French 75 (cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup, topped with sparkling wine). It really adds to this drink imo.

Non-drink-wise, it’s also essential for making a good Bouillabaisse.

I enjoyed it (or rather ‘Ricard’ I think, another type of pastis) in sweltering Marseille just mixed with water, but must say it didn’t hold the same appeal when I drank it on my return to overcast Blighty.

Pour over ice, then hand it to a waiter and get a beer. Pernod is nasty shit.

So basically dilute and maybe sweeten. I’ll try white grape juice and ice.

The question is “Why are you being forced to drink it?”

If they have a gun to your head, type “banana.”

Ha. This is the truth: I just inherited a small liquor cabinet. I have a glass of Pernod and white grape juice in front of me right now and it is a very rare time when a complete
and exact in every way, childhood flavor (black licorice whips) comes back to me, but in the form of an adult beverage.

So I tried this Pama. It’s a pomegranate liqueur. It is a new mania for me. I don’t know how much it’s going to cost to go buy it. But I need it. Total tart and sweet explosion. I have it on ice.

What about Grand Marnier? Anyone have a suggestion?

The same rinse method is used in making a Sazerac, the beloved N’Awlins cocktail.

Although now absinthe is legal again in this country, they’ve probably gone back to the original recipe.

Straight up, as a digestif, if you are inordinately fond of oranges. Otherwise, combine with expensive tequila and fresh lime juice for a fancy-pants Margarita.

I have enjoyed Pernod mixed with 7-Up. As you say, black licorice whips.

As for Grand Marnier, it’s one ingredient in the Singapore Sling, also an exquisite libation. Did your liquor windfall include any Benedictine and/or cherry brandy (or Kirsch)? You’ll need those too.

No but I’ve had those. Kirschwasser got used in fondue. Singapore sling is those three mixed equally?

I did get some Originel apple brandy from France.

Say Calvados, please. It sounds much classier than “applejack.”

The French drink Calvados neat, in a short glass, like Cognac or Armagnac. The workers in the central Paris food market at Les Halles used to have a shot for 4 AM breakfast.

Trick question? (There is no good Pernod drink)