What's a land crab?

Okay, so I’ve been making my way through the Criterion edition of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS.

There’s a scene late in the movie where Gary Busey suggests that Johnny Depp would really appreciate some seafood. Specifically, the land crab.

What is land crab?

I’m picturing something like rocky mountain oysters. What is he referring to?

It’s a crab, but it lives on land. Cite.

Doesn’t look very succulent, even with some drawn butter. Give me King Crab any day.

But king crabs, although living in water, are not crabs at all. IIRC they are more related to spiders than to crustaceans.

Err, not this ‘King Crab’. That looks like something they may eat on The Iron Chef, but not like something I want near my mouth.

This, on the other hand, has the unfortunate (for it) trait of being tasty.

how about this bad boy ?

theres some good eating there, especially if its got a coconut in its pincer

It’s closely related to the land cow.

A land crab is, as the name suggests, a crab that lives on the beaches above the shoreline, as opposed to one that remains mostly in the water.

JFTR, there are two animals called “king crab” and neither are true crabs. One is the creature more often called the horseshoe crab, the sole living member of Class Xiphosura, and indeed more closely related to spiders and other arachnids than to crustaceans.

The other is, like crabs, lobsters, and true shrimp, a decapod, but is a large spidery creature of the North Pacific. In point of fact, as detailed by Stephen Jay Gould in one of his classic science essays, it is actually a close relative of the hermit crabs. (There’s also a “false king crab” with approximately the same range and ancestry as the [type II] king crab.)

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