what's a maroon?

Ok, so I rented MST3000 the movie this weekend and it was pretty good, I had a good laugh, but a question comes up. Years ago I remember Bugs Bunny calling someone who wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed a maroon (sp?). I never understood that reference, but didn’t worry too much about it. Then they used it in the movie last night and now I’m curious; does anyone know the origin/meaning of this word, other than to say it’s a perjorative comment about a persons intelligence,

It’s a mispronounciation (or Brooklynization) of moron.

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“I’ve been giving myself shock treatments.”
“Up the voltage.”
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And this from www.onelook.com

Maroon: A runaway slave sent to the Calabouco, or place where such slaves were punished, as the Maroons of Brazil. Those of Jamaica are the offspring of runaways from the old Jamaica plantations or from Cuba, to whom, in 1738, the British Government granted a tract of land, on which they built two towns. The word is from the verb “maroon,” to set a person on an inhospitable shore and leave him there (a practice common with pirates and buccaneers). The word is a corruption of Cimarron, a word applied by Spaniards to anything unruly, whether man or beast.

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“What’s a maroon?”, he asks!
What a ta ra ra GOON de ay! (how do you make one of those smileys that let people know your just kidding? I feel like such an ultramaroon!)

Elmer J. Fudd,
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Well, that clears that up,

You left out:

MacDonald’s sells 'em…
But they call 'em “Macaroons”

or…it could be a redish brown color close to wine or burgandy…right in the PMS range of 188

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I should’ve taken that left toin at Albuquoique.

this is what I get for posting a question in mpsims even if it is mundane and pointless,
thanks, Larry

Next topic: Why does succotash suffer?

In Butte, MT, the Catholic H.S. is Butte Central. Their team name is the Butte Central Maroons. (Or, baboons to their rival teams.)


It’s probably incredibly obvious, and I’m just too dense tonight to see it. Mjollnir, what does “SaDkOrNyGuy” mean?

Lyxdesics of the lowrd untie!

Kara, go to GQ, and you’ll find out soon enough.

P.S. I did make that left toin at Albuquoique, and look what happened to me!

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Separate out the capital letters and you get:

akryuy’S DONG


Wasn’t there an old pro hockey team called the Montreal Maroons?

Of course, that was probably meant in the same vein as St. Louis Browns or Cincinnati Reds.

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My ass smells like ass. I think that it’s Bugs Bunny’s fault.

This is HDTV, it has better resolution than the real world - Fry

Old joke from Boys’ Life:

“Did you hear about the ship full of red paint that collided with the ship full of purple paint? They were marooned.”

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