whats a non isp email account

this place i was trying to make an account on(another message board)said they only accept registrations from non isp email accounts and my gmail didnt work so was just wondering what are some good non isp email places are that i could use

Accept from only non-isp places? Usually it is the other way around, lol!

Try Hushmail.com?

An ISP is an internet service provider. Nowadays, it’s probably your cable company or AT&T. It used to be the norm that they’d provide an e-mail address for all of their customers, and that would be a person’s primary e-mail address, but that’s increasingly rare. Gmail is one of many examples of e-mail that isn’t tied to an ISP. I have a hard time imagining why anyone would refuse to accept registration from gmail, given that it’s probably the biggest e-mail provider out there.

It may be rare but it seems confusing that they would refuse it if it is from an ISP! It makes no sense!

Also GOOGLE is an ISP :slight_smile: Poor folks who have them.

They now own pictures of their homes, they own the browser (chrome), the own their email, they own their service and their search history! Google owns them.
But yes it is weird.

Are you sure you haven’t got this backwards (or double-negatived), and they will only accept registrations from ISP email accounts? A Google gmail account is a non-ISP email account (unless you are one of those select few who have Google as their ISP).

Indeed that must be it.
Call your Internet Service Provider and demand an email adress. All that I know of give you one for free or it costs a few pennies a day!

hmm,maybe but it seems like you gotta pay for hushmail.com and i dont really want to pay money just for an email account to sign up for 1 message board

"we will no longer accept registrations from non-ISP email accounts, e.g, yahoo hotmail aol, etc. "

this is what it said under the part where you put in your email

Nono listen hushmail is free just decline the paying service. And yes this means you need ISP-accounts! LIke those from your service provider! :slight_smile: like Jav4@Vodaphone.com

Right, that instruction is badly phrased, but I think it is clear that they are saying that you do need to use the email account given to you by your ISP. Generally, I think, they do provide them, although since few people bother to use them any more, they may be being phased out by some companies. If you don’t know what it is, or how to access it or set it up, contact your ISP to find out. If they say they do not provide them, raise a stink, either with them or with the board you want to join (or both). The board’s policy is outdated.

Hushmail is not likely to help you, it is another non-isp email system, like gmail. This maybe even worse from the site’s point of view, since hushmail protects your privacy more than other email systems do…

Every ISP I have had my email account, none of which I ever used, was simply my username@ispname. In fact I just sent one to my current ISP and logged on there and it is the only email in my inbox.