What's a "soap re-conglomerator" called?

I like bar soap but at the same time dislike small portions of bar soap, and so want to purchase a device that will mash them back into one. I hear they had such devices in the Great Depression.

I can look for them online if I knew what they were called.

There may be a device, but we just squish them back into the next bar of soap. I don’t think I’ve thrown out a sliver in a long time.

That doesn’t work for me, even if the pieces are wet and I squeeze hard and it’s Irish Spring (which I hear is good at re-barification). So I’d like some mechanical help.

They sell in housewares sections and on the Internet mesh bags that hold the slivers. This will let you use them for washing until they are gone.

This is an example - I know nothing about the seller. Caveat emptor.

Here’s a Hints from Heloise article about recycling soap slivers:

I take the slivers, stuff them into an old discarded shampoo bottle, add some water and voila, I have soft soap.

I’d probably call that a “soap press.”