What's a space sprocket?

Is their anything that’s “cannon” to The Jetsons?

If not, then I say its the mechanism that makes a car fit inside a briefcase.

It’s a sprocket, in spaaaace. Put it together with Cogswell Cogs and the obvious answer to ‘why a sprocket?’ is that it alliterates.

I don’t think they ever showed an actual sprocket, not even as a drawing or an ad.

I always thought it was a Spaceley sprocket. Named after Mr Spaceley

It’s like Enron - the company gets money from trading in sprocket futures, rather than actually making sprockets.

The product is a space sprocket. Manufactured by Mr. Spaceley’s company, Spaceley’s Space Sprockets. Yay! More alliteration.

It’s a macguffin.

it is an integral part in their jetpacks.

I don’t think so… They seemed too peaceful for that. There might have been some sort of death ray to fight off evil aliens, though; that might count.

All we know is that whatever uses a Spacely Sprocket can also use a Cogswell Cog; there are unverified reports that a Spacely Sprocket is easy on the pocket…

I say it’s that “crazy thing.” Or else Uniblab.

All I have to say on the subject is eep op ork ah ah.

That makes soooo much sense! I realize that George Jetson is a future version of Fred Flinstone, but I don’t recall George working at a future version of a quarry. I seem to recall a desk job.

‘My poor button-pushing finger! These four-hour days are killing me!’

Slaving over a hot button all day

That’s Gogswell’s Cosmic Gogs.

Ever since Skype (and now Facetime) came out, I’ve wanted one of those video-phone facemasks Jane used to talk to her snotty girlfriend over the phone. I want to live the Jetston American Dream, man!

Although I did always wonder what they did with the ground, in the future.

That reminds me of a joke:

This lawn supervisor was out on a sprinkler maintenance job and he started working on a Findlay sprinkler head with a Langstrom 7″ gangly wrench. Just then, this little apprentice leaned over and said, “You can’t work on a Findlay sprinkler head with a Langstrom 7″ wrench.” Well this infuriated the supervisor, so he went and got Volume 14 of the Kinsley manual, and he reads to him and says, “The Langstrom 7″ wrench can be used with the Findlay sprocket.” Just then, the little apprentice leaned over and said, “It says sprocket not socket!”


All I know is stepping barefoot on one in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom hurts like hell!

Unless it’s meta-humor, Hampshire’s joke escapes me.
I recall other shows that had unseen technical parts - one episode of Darkwing Duck with the running gag that the main character couldn’t get a sprinkler system working, while every character he ran into (including the supervillain) instantly knew he needed a “three-quarter Pitney flange”. Also Deep Space Nine made occasional references to “self-sealing stem bolts” as some useful and ubiquitous piece of equipment without ever actually showing one.

Were those plumbers gonna be here this show?