What's a "teddy" in clothing?

I’ve heard several references to a piece of clothing called a “teddy” (sp?) on the Golden Girls.

What is it?

Lingerie. I don’t know if it’s any particular type or just a general term for a (naughty?) nightgown.

Lingerie, yes; teddies seem to have fallen out of fashion, but if you can picture a body suit with spaghetti straps, made out of nylon/some silky fabric, that’s pretty much it. It was like a camisole top built into panties.

A teddy is a one-piece garment for women. Think of something that generally looks like a one-piece bathing suit, except it’s made of satin with lace trim or something equally as girly. Some tie in front, some have daintly little buttons, so you can step into them, while others have snap crotches so you can pull them over your head.

Or you could just Google “teddy lingerie” and find approximately 388,000 images.

I’ve always known it as a one-piece. Dictionary.com says:

Here’s a safe for work one (unless your boss doesn’t like you looking at pictures of lingerie).

The links go to the Victoria’s Secret website, so if that’s NSFW, then I guess these links are not safe for work.

Also, I say “supposedly” because we obviously need to do more research in this subject. Perhaps Mr. Adams would care to lead the way?

And does anyone know why they’re called teddies?

(My guess is that they’re not named for Teddy Roosevelt.)


I think actual images of women wearing sexy lingerie probably are NSFW in many workplaces, so I put the links in a spoiler box to bring them in accord with the “two click” rule.

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An historical view of teddies —> http:/ /www.feelingusa.com/Teddies.html

(Link broken. Last image may be NSFW. Then again, the first images may be unsuitable for puritans.)

Is that the one where Dorothy’s brother (the transvestite) was buried in a teddy?

Ah, the first one! Mine eyes! You can see her bare circuits!

Etymonline says it’s of unknown origin:

Thanks all. I’ve never been disappointed by this site!

Yes, that’s right! It was on last night and I’ve been wondering ever since.

That’s awesome! I never even thought to do that. Many thanks good sir.

One of the things my father gave my mother on their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary over twenty years ago was a black teddy. I have a priceless photo of the two of them when she opened the box. (I confess to doing some of his shopping.)

A teddy is the sexiest piece of lingerie ever.

Ahh, but they were.

You se, Roosevelt was on a well-publicized hunting trip, out for lingerie, and his aides had trapped a one-piece up in a tree, where the president could easily shoot it. But the president very publicly refused, saying it was unsporting. Ever since, that kind of lingerie has been called a “teddy” in his honor.

The little-known piece of history is that, after the reporters left, Roosevelt told the gamekeeper to shoot it himself. Fortunately for history, the gamekeeper didn’t, but kept it to wear himself, so that the teddy was able to reproduce and breed. All teddies on the internet today are descendents of that original treed teddy.

Louis B:

Not on one of the Golden Girls, it’s not.

(although overall, I do agree)