What's a "traveling mod?" (John Chance feels icky)

Prompted**** by this, noting an action by and the delicate feelings of one of our mods (which proves, contrary to the beliefs of some, mods have feelings):

It is post #5 in http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=798608, which unaccountably has not reached Threadspottin yet, perhaps because no one can come up with a hook or title.

  1. What did the mod mean when he said “traveling CS mod,”, or vocatively, Jonathan Chance, if you’re out there, what did you mean when you said “traveling CS mod?” What is such a mod?

  2. There’s a way to post an individual post from a thread you’re not in currently, properly formatted with hyperlink citation,which I know because I’ve done it by accident when I didn’t want to, but now that I wanted to I can’t. How do you do it?

  3. Brits use a different word for “icky”–something with a “squ” in it, I think. What is it? Is “icky” a generally unused Americanism for them?

Questions 2) and 3) are of lesser importance, if question 1) can be said to have any importance at all, which is debatable.
ETA: Name in hed should be “Jonathan,” of course, not “John.”


Multiquote. Open the thread, click the multiquote button, then open the thread you want to post about it in and click the Reply button. Below the posting box, you’ll see the following message: “You have selected 1 post that is not part of this thread. Quote this post as well, or deselect this post.” Click on “Quote this post as well.”

Or, if you’re like me, just click the Quote button in the thread you are in, then copy and paste the quote. I never remember to use multiquote.

IANJC, but I assumed it meant that a mod who was not currently home (or “traveling”) said something along the lines of “Hey, I am not in front of the computer, can you handle this? Move to GQ.” And are you thinking of “squicked out”?

He was refering to me. I’m literally traveling- I’m visiting my family for my mom’s 90th bday. I have limited access to the boards while I’m gone, so I asked in the mod loop that someone check that thread out.

JC was kind enough to step in.

Just taking one for the team.

It happens from time to time. Mods get notifications of reports in their own fora only. So sometimes during the day I’ll get a report while I’m running around for work that needs dealing with right away. It can be difficult from my phone sometimes so I send out the call and one of the others steps in.

I just wanted it clear in the thread that I wasn’t taking it into my head to moderate something outside of Great Debates or Elections without a request. The only time I wander outside my fora are for spammers. Those I think we all feel entitled to deal with wherever they might pop up.

And here I was flashing on some old Jackie Gleason routine. :smack:

If one is not in front of a computer* how does one check on the dope to know a thread needs moving?

*And I’m counting phones that can access the internet as computers.


Since I believe the mods get email notification, I am not counting phones as computers. But I could easily see accessing the dope on a phone and finding it harder do things like move threads. Sometimes, depending on the device, posting is a pain.

Gods honest truth, that. It’s not impossible but it does increase the hassle factor.

Did you hear the one about the traveling mod and the farmer’s daughter? I’m all ears if you have. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that about you.

“Traveling Mods” reminds me of the Traveling Wilburys.

Exactly right. I check my emails more often than I can check the board sometimes. If there is a report of something that needs immediate attention I’ll do it from my phone as best I can even though it can be a pain in the ass to do it correctly.

You shouldn’t though. Reports come as emails. It’s hard to access all the moderator tools through a phone web browser.

ETA: it’s also, I’m at a family event all day so I see something that needs watching but can’t be around to keep an eye on it or handle it.

Inset an appropriate (or inappropriate) corn joke here. I would but its such a tassel :D.

It’s interesting, and “nice,” I guess, in showing the niceties of respect to the posters in a forum that “non-regular” mods are about, all the more so when they reach down from their aerie (image of Las Vegas employees scanning tables from hidden ceiling)–

particularly in light of three interlinked factors on how people think of the modding activity:

  1. most people, I believe, not knowing who the mods are at any one time or how to check, even the regulars, who I presume don’t really care (like me, hence my [pleasant] surprise on this OP’s response);

  2. that the modding forum responsibility/assignment is, I believe, customary but not formal in SD. (I know I OP’ed asking about this in ATMB but don’t have time to look up the exact responses.);

  3. The sense, true or not, from the fact of “click the alert mod button and we all take a look,” followed up by activities behind the slotted door. To us, it looks everybody can take a whack. Except for rare occasions when the entire system comes under attack’defense (the current mod-messup [quoth Ed Zotti), the normal daily routines are not broken down.
    If it gets formalized, make it a public sticky. To me it redounds to the credit of local representation, so to speak, of those who yield the Hammer, who know Cantankerous Freddie and the kind of bars he hangs in the neighborhood.

And thanks to all for allowing my first-ever written (still unspoken) use of the word “redound.”

If you are ever curious, the names of the moderators responsible for each forum are listed at the bottom of each forum page. If you click on the forum name (such as Cafe Society) and scroll down past all the thread links, you will see the names.

Yes, exactly my point: I was going to mention how often – now plus one – the question is asked and answered in ATMB.

Also, if you go to the message board’s main page and then scroll down to the bottom, there’s a link called “View Forum Leaders”. If you click on that it lists all of the mods and what forums they are assigned to.

You can get to the board’s main page either by going to the straight dope main page (www.straightdope.com) and clicking on “Message Boards” on the upper left, or you can go straight to boards.straightdope.com.