What's Alex Trebek's salary?

For 1,000, apparently (it’s a hard question is what I mean)

Don’t try googling it, it will not work (“alex trebek’s salary” brings up a few that do not answer it).

There are so few good resources for celebrity and wealthy salaries, it irks the crap out of me. I’m starting a website eventually that will be a labor of love- yes, I know, IMDB has some scant info, thanks, and I know of the other few sites like Forbes.com and salary monster that have some info. It’s just pathetic.

Information age my foot. :mad:

Don’t try wiki either.

Not to hijack this into a discussion of privacy, but some things just aren’t public.

This might be one of them.

That is very true, and I thought of that in terms of why there is scant info on much of celeb salary- it’s none of our bees wax. And with Alex Trebek, a man who is as far from a celebrity as you can get while still being one :smiley: , that is certainly the case.

But my thought is- with all the crap people care about in terms of celebs, from the most minute (hair care, clothes) to personal (sexual encounters, etc.)- and as much info as crap rags and web sites and other crap gives us ALL THE TIME about this stuff, and as willing as these celebs are (only some, I know) to share this stuff and/or make fools of themselves in the process,

isn’t this pretty tame?

But then again, I think earnings is on a level with ranking people and their success, so it can be personal.

Don’t try imdb either :smiley:

From here.
So, it looks like the answer is “None of your business.”

Apparently, it’s less than $2,520,700.

And back in the 80’s he hosted a gameshow called Pitfall, for which he says he received no salary.

Do you think Trebek receives an actual salary or doesn’t he just get a cut of the profits from the show?

I’d say it’s more than ten times what mine is. The lucky prick :mad:

I wonder how much Roger Ebert makes? Don’t try googling it in any way or doing IMDB. I’d start another post but then I’d seem more nosy and obsessed than I do here.

He and Trebek have sweet jobs. :frowning:

Unless I’m mistaken and he’s a co-producer of the show, then no, I’m sure he gets a steady salary.

Turns out Trebek used to be a co-producer of the show, but apparently hasn’t been since 1987. I would assume that he negotiated a sweet deal for himself.

I assume that whatever he makes, he pays taxes just like you and me. Well, like me, anyway. Are income tax records considered public information? If so, could you request a copy from the IRS?

When I saw a taping of the show, one of the things the people told us not to ask was his salary. And on preview, I see that somebody already posted that. Good job, me!

What is life ‘like’ for a mid-level celeb like AT? Does he have a security problem? Does he cut his own lawn? Can he go out to dinner?

I have often wondered about how much being famous messes with the life of a guy who (truth be told) goes to the office much like all the rest of us.

Mr Trebek, would you invite Sean Connery to be a guest on Celebrity Jepoardy? :smiley:

He’s also in a commercial for (IIRC) life/disability insurance, and the ad listed him as “Alex Trebek, paid spokesman” so it appears he does endorsements to supplement what he gets from Jepoardy, be it salary or cut of the take.

I can understand not wanting to talk about his income, but I’m suprised he doesn’t want to talk about his family. What (assuming he is one) grandfather isn’t going to brag about his grandkids?

The same as mine I imagine - what they pay him.

Actually, I believe the commercial subtitle calls him a Compensated Endorser, which is just enough to confuse people into thinking it’s some important title or something. It’s a fancier way of saying ‘shill’.

The only returns that are publicly available from the IRS are those of nonprofit organizations.

Hell, I don’t even mow my own lawn and I assure you I make way less than Alex. I grew up in Los Angeles and live in Santa Barbara so I’ve seen loads of celebrities way more famous than Alex out to dinner. I doubt that he has too many problems more than the occasional geek asking him stupid questions every once in a while.