What's an Amazon sign-in code?

I just got an email from them giving me a multi-digit code number. I have no idea what they are talking about. I have always had an ID and a password which is how I sign in.
Anyone else get this message?

Yep. The latest scam. Found one in my Inbox 2 minutes ago. They send you a “time-sensitive” access code. You click it, and away we go! Just delete, block and move on.

Sometimes when you sign-in they tell you to also enter the code they’ve emailed you for two-factor authorization. If you didn’t just sign-in though, it’s probably a scam.

Hope just opening it wasn’t a mistake. I’ve been really lucky so far not to have been caught up in a scam.

I have had that code emailed to me when I forgot my password. So yea , I think someone is trying to access your Amazon account. Maybe you should go and delete your payment preference for the time being.

Guess I’d better. I am wondering if I can continue ordering from Amazon anyway. I live in the boonies, so they have been my shopping lifeline for years. So much so that they lose money on my Prime membership just on shipping costs. But out of the blue they have begun shipping by the post office, big items that wouldn’t fit in anybody’s mailbox. The problem for me is that means a one-, or even three-day delay and I have to drive 25 miles to get the item. I don’t know how my postal carrier is supposed to replace UPS and FedEx in his little jeep, even on smaller items. There’s a story here, I just don’t know what it is.

I’ve seen an incredible uptick in my spam box lately concerning “Security warnings” from Google, etc. that are all obvious phishing attempts.

But I haven’t seen the Amazon security code thing. Instead, this might mean someone tried logging into your account from a suspicious location and Amazon responded by sending the code to your email address to verify.

In either case, don’t click on anything in the email. Which is something you should be phenomenally careful about doing anyway.

If it actually came from Amazon, I’d think about changing my Amazon account password. (And going to the site directly via my bookmarks.)

I’ve been getting these, too. They do appear to be coming from Amazon, so I assume that somebody has my real Amazon email address and is trying to hack into my account.

That makes me nervous.

Do not reply to anything like this that pretends to be from amazon. I did that years ago and contracted an instantaneous and fatal virus that corrupted my hard drive. If you get something like that, go to amazon and log in normally and you will see that everything is fine. Delete that email and send it to the fires of hell where it belongs!

Yeah, me too - dozens every day - I know these things are common, but I’ve just seen a massive increase of them getting through. Are you on Hotmail? (I wonder if their filtering has been changed and is failing in one place)

Skyo, just to be clear, people in this thread are talking about two completely different possible sources for that email.

First, it could be that someone tried to sign in to your Amazon account. Amazon in some cases will send an email with a code to ensure that the person trying to sign in is really you (under the assumption that only you have access to your email). The email itself is evidence that that they probably did not succeed in accessing your account, so your payment data is safe.

Second, it could be a simple phishing attempt. Some scammer scum wrote the email, trying to make it look like a legitimate email from the previous case. In this case, there’s no problem as long as you didn’t click on any links – no one even tried to access your Amazon account. The email didn’t come from Amazon, it came from Joe Scammer.

It would probably be straightforward to determine which case this is by looking at the email headers, or even the text of the message (scammers are notorious for writing English prose like a first year ESL student with brain damage). Any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors confirm that it didn’t come from Amazon. But in either case I don’t think you need to worry about your payment information being compromised.

In any event, even if a hacker got into your account, Amazon won’t ship to a new address unless you reenter your credit card details.

So I’m wondering what a hacker’s plan might be if he did get into your account? He could set himself up as a fake vendor and buy stuff from himself I suppose, but it seems highly unlikely that he’d get any money before discovery.

With Amazon, anything legit you have to initiate — they just won’t contact you basically out of the blue. As a customer and employee I have sometimes had to receive a code by e-mail or a PIN number via text to a cell number already on file with them but ALWAYS after I tried to do something - log in or access different levels of service/contact.

I, too live in the woods. And I count on online shopping for stuff. I read every email that come from Amazon. I never click on anything. If the are recommending me something, I go to Amazon from my home screen and look at it if I am interested. Boy they send a lot of emails. I am sure some are fake. But as my habit is to not click I feel safe.

The ones that I’ve been getting conform with your First scenario. The email header seems to be genuine and looks exactly like legitimate messages sent from Amazon. There are no links to click.

Just got another one. When examined for source code, it shows it to be nothing Amazon-ish in any way. Block, delete.