What's being withheld? RE: Bolton

Democrats who are demanding access to information, some of it classified, about Bolton. My guess is that they know the information to be damning, otherwise they wouldn’t be grandstanding, and the White House wouldn’t be fighting.

I’ve seen various foggy reports of the information requested

But what exactly does* that* mean? And if Democrats were truly informed, as I suspect they are as to the contents, why haven’t we seen any leaks? Or do they suspect a trap? What was on the checklist, and what does it matter that there was a checklist with names?

The whole thing just seems a bit odd to me. Is there more information out there? What is the take on what’s being hidden?

How do you prove his used the information badly ? I find it hard to beleive there is much to be revealed.

I think Bolton deserves to lose his nomination on his own demerits. I guess the democrats just wanted to make sure more people knew how badly Bolton stinks.

What Did John Bolton Do with the NSA Intercept Information? Did He Violate National Security Laws?
Rockefeller Reports on NSA Intercepts to Biden and Lugar: Bolton Mishandled National Security Secrets
The second link contains the complete text of Rockefeller’s letter.

So a quick, dirty, and incomplete look has already revealed impropriety, and possible law-breaking by Bolton. The white house refuses to allow anyone to further check into Bolton’s actions.

Thank you Squink. That clarifies it.


The names were not blacked out (un-minimized) in the documents Bolton received. He was told not to reveal them to other people. He did.

“Minimizing” is similar to what you’d see in a Victorian novel, where someone talks about a “Mr. G------, the well-known merchant of East End”. The minimizing of their name allows you to think of them as “Mister Gee” but removes their real identity from the document.

Makes ya wonder if one of the names was “Plame”.

That’s scary, NurseCarmen…it was exactly the thought I had reading Squink’s post.

Waxman letter on Bolton’s involvement in the Niger Yellowcake CockUp

Does look a bit like a smoking gun.