What's Cecil doing?

Seriously, he can’t be arsed to visit his own board for over a year?


You’re kidding, right?

He’s never been more active than lately. In one form or another.

He’s busy remodeling his house.


Worry not.

I’ve just put in a request to befriend him.

Cecil has never been interested in or active on the boards. Once in a great while, he responds to something in the forum “Comments on Cecil’s Column” and occasionally he finds something in “General Questions” (or elsewhere) for use as a column. What can I say? He’s an eccentric genius, he’s never liked talking to or dealing with people, and he sees the boards as just another way of having to deal with people that he’d rather avoid.

I was gonna do just that, only I do not handle rejection well.:cool:

Quite clearly, Cecil and I have a lot in common.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about he and I becoming bosom friends.