Whats cool when you're over 30?

Ok, look, I’m not tring to cling to a whispery thread of any level of coolness that I once hung from as a youth, but as I get older I still reflect on some things and without analyising them too much just believe them to be cool:

The Avengers
Roald Dahl
Tom Baker
The prisoner
Omega watches (deffinatly not Rolex)
Extreamly temuiouse links

I know some of these things are from the sixties but I’m not, so no, I’m not living in a time warp but would like to find more cool things purley to make me happy! Any sugestions?

You mean things a person over 30 might think were cool that a person under 30 either wouldn’t or had never heard of?

In the US a lot of over 30s (like me) have fond memories of the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoon series. Also “classic rock” music from the 60s and 70s doesn’t seem to get much respect from the younger crowd but over 30s still turn out to see Simon and Garfunkle and such.

When you say “E-Types” and Landrovers you are talking about the cars and not some obscure British TV series, yes? And I have no idea what “Extreamly temuiouse links” means. Not trying to be nasty, I really just don’t know what you mean.

Roald fucking Dahl?!
:wink: I’m kiddin’. I’ve always dug his short stories.

Yes unfortunatly I am shallow enough to think that some cars are cool, and I appologise for the spelling. What I mean is: (and i think it’s a personal thing) tenuouse links like it’s cool that John Lennon once signed a Birthday card next to where my mum signed the same card to a mutual friend. It is difficult to define so all I can say is that it is a very shallow link that can be of a personal, situational or technical nature.

Rock & Bullwinkle deffinatly fall into the cool basket

Was Dangermouse ever released in the US (very cool, his hide out was beneath a post box near Downing Street where a curb stone lifted up to let him out).

Well ok perhaps the age comment was not quite what I meant. I believe that if under 30 they may not of heard of some of this stuff but if they were shown it they would believe it to be cool.

Roald Dahl wrote some of the most imaginative stories that I read as a child, also in WWII he was a fighter pilot (cool)!

People over 30 don’t care about “cool.”

Naughty Teen-aged Sluts.

Dangermouse absolutely rocks. And Chorlton and the Wheelies.

I think it’s taking a brisk walk around the Old Folks’ Home, followed by a nice bowl of lukewarm oatmeal and a nap in front of the TV while Wheel of Fortune is on…

(I kid! I kid!)


<<singing, “Marshall, Will and Holly… On a routine expedition…”>>

Top Siders

Acting cool, hanging out with cool people, doing cool things, and being thought of as cool, is for the young. Trust me, by forty you just don’t give a damn.

what plnnr and Walloon said.

'course, i wasn’t overly concerned with “cool” while in the pre-30s timeslot, either.

  • UK -
    Adam and the Ants,
    The Police (Sting, not the fuzz),
    Chopper bikes.
    The Professionals (Cowley, Bodie and Doyle)

A wife beater, boxer shorts, and flip flops.

Oh, you mean culturally cool?

A grungy wife-beater, threadbare boxers, and stained terrycloth slippers, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.


Oh, you mean over 30 IQ!

Never mind.

Carry on.

The sex is a lot better (more experience, less hang-ups).

Definitely Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Also The Rockford Files.

Nothing is cool once you are past 30. Life just becomes one endless gray corridor that leads to your inevitable death… forgotten and alone with no knowledge of “cool” or any memory that you were ever interesting, even in the slightest way. And that’s the best cast scenario.

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