Whats cooler?

Being a long time doper, or having more posts?

it’s all about the quality of the posts.

Long time doper.


Having been here longer, even if you’ve only ever said three things carries a lot of weight with me. When I see a name that looks new to me, the first thing I check is the “Registered” tag. Not the “Posts” tag.

Matter of fact. I do that for everyone. I don’t know, it just seems that the time you spend here is a lot more important than if you have 4000 posts or 4.

However, Zebra is right, the most important thing is quality. That beats them both.

I think it’s difficult to determine quality because who’s going to back track to wade through someone’s 2,000 posts to see how much is quality & how much is just a smilie or non-quality item?

But I think the long timers should be considered :cool: !

um whats cooler?

Polycarp or Handy?

Seems straightforward to me :smiley:

any fool can rack up post. i’ll a prime example of that!:smiley:

She said she loved me like a brother. Thats great, cause she’s from Arkansas!

what the hell was that last post trying to say?

its “posts” and “i’m