What's EST Mean (not Eastern Standard Time)

I was reading a gossip board and someone claimed that Patrick Duffy had a long term relationship with Freddie Fender

One of the replies said

I assume that means it’s a lie or something. So what exactly is EST?

Looking it up on an acronym dictionary, I’m guessing Enfermedad Sexualmente Transmisible (Spanish: sexually transmitted disease).

I hate stupid fucking unknown acronyms.

That makes a semblance of sense, but can you link us to the board or give us more context? My first instinct is that it’s a term specific to the site.

I’m putting my money on “Endoscopic Sphincterotomy.”

est (non capitalized) was a sort-of-mega-group-therapy-enlightenment program from the 1970’s IIRC…(madly googles…) Yes, run by a guy called Werner Erhardt, who fancied himself as a guru of heightened consciousness or something, his courses were called E(e)rhadt S(s)eminar T(training). EST for short.

Does that help?

Yeah, this stuff. It was my first thought when I saw the acronym, but I don’t see how it would fit in context.

Perhaps it’s a hendiatris for crap: excrement shit turd.

It’s a forum for celebrity gossip.

The topic was Patrick “Dallas” Duffy.

Some poster claimed that Patrick Duffy in his youth had a long term, homosexual relationship with singer Freddie “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” Fender

Another poster replied by saying:

“That’s the biggest EST I’ve ever read here, and that’s saying something”

I looked around the board and I did see other references to EST and someone asked “What does EST mean” but it never was explained.

Trying to imagine Patrick Duffy and Freddie Fender in a homosexual relationship leads me to think, EST means a lie or guess or some sort

Googling est + gay gets quite a few results, many in French. I don’t know what they are saying though. Like “Justin Bieber est gay la Photo ! … Et oui, Justin Bieber est Gay !”

Could the T be for “troll”. For example, if you thought it was bullshit, you’d say something along the lines of “That’s the biggest bullshit troll post I’ve ever read!” or “That’s the biggest BST post ever!”

I can’t think of what EST would be though, and one would assume it’s reasonably well-known if more people weren’t asking.

“Eat shit, troll”? That’s certainly insulting.

“Est” is French for whoosh (I hope!)

Est is French for is. The last bit is “And yes, Justin Bieber is gay!” It’s like typing “the” or “and” into Google.

I have no idea about the actual question.

I also thought of Erhard Seminars Training, but I don’t see how that has to do with the context of the question. Perhaps the author doesn’t believe that that program could perform what it claimed, and is using it as an analogy for an unbelievable statement?

Total WAG:

Egregious smear tactic? Maybe?

In the field of psychology it means Empirically Supported Treatment, but something tells me that’s not what they mean here.

This is going to be another 14k of g situation, I think. It’s already driving me nuts.

This seems clear. Here’s a thread of mock EST’s: http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ajax.html?t=9178093#page:showThread,9178093

I think you mean SFUA’s.

Elaborate Scenario Troll.


PS: For the curious, I found this by first googling “EST Patrick Duffy” to find the original thread," and then googling “EST Datalounge”.

Perhaps the hypothesis of Mr. Duffy’s youthful homosexual dalliance can be used as a marker to find one’s way along the human genome?