What's exciting recently released or coming soon for Wii?

There’s Wii Sports Resort (with 1:1 add-on) and The Conduit (online deathmatch w/Wiispeak) coming soon. What else, including recently released? Is the browser update available yet, and does Hulu.com work in the new browser?

I know Nintendo is not as forthcoming about what’s in the works as the other 2 companies, but people interested enough (cough Justin Bailey cough) usually have some grip on the near future.

Well, since I’m being called out, I guess I better respond.

There’s not much coming in January, but in February there’s…
** Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
** House of the Dead: Overkill (a prequel with a Grindhouse feel)
** Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Japanese schoolgirls in bikinis killing zombies with swords. I’m not joking, this is real)

March has MadWorld, a black and white game that is basically The Running Man with lots more blood.

Further out in the Late Spring/Summer there’s…
** Ready 2 Rumble Revolution
** Punch-Out!! Wii
** Ghostbusters

Later still will be Sin & Punishment 2 (an on rails shooter that’s a sequel to an N64 game on the VC)

Way further out is news that Nintendo is working on the next Mario and Zelda games, Square-Enix is publishing Dragon Quest X on the Wii and Retro Studios is working on something that isn’t a Metroid Prime game.

Thanks, I looked some of these up . . .

That looks cool but with the nunchuk and actual motion sensing (instead of lightgun technology), why is it on rails?

:eek: That looks awesome, but I hope it’s more than a simple remake. Any word on new opponents, more complex controls, combos, motion-sensing, etc? Mike Tyson’s Punch Out was one of my favorite games as a kid but I played it again last year and it was only fun for about an hour.

These all sound awesome (though I haven’t played the Wii Zelda and I haven’t played a Dragon Quest game since Dragon Warrior 1 :p.) Please keep us updated on these games.

It’s actually a classic light gun game (as the entire HOTD series has always been). An “on rails shooter” is something like Star Fox or Sin & Punishment.

The trailer you found is all that’s been released so far. Other than using the Nunchuk and Remote as boxing gloves (like Wii Sports), Nintendo hasn’t said anything else.

I’m gonna side with Cisco on this on, in that I’ve taken the term “on rails shooter” to mean a light gun game like Area 51/HOTD/TimeCrisis. From googling the term looks like we’re not alone.

The terms used in both are similar, but they are distinct subgenres of the shooter genre.



They’re releasing an Oneechanbara game in the states? Craziness. There’s also a movie (by teh same name) that I have on my computer but I haven’t gotten around to watching it. Girl in Bikini with Cowboy Hat and Katana killing hordes of Zombies, sounds like a winner to me (I haven’t played any of the japanese Oneechanbara games, though).

by the way, Oneechanbara (お姉チャンバラ) means something along the lines of Big Sister Rose, or The Big Sister, Rose (oneechan is older sister, bara is a rose)
And I agree with JustinBailey on this one, On Rails shooters are very similar to Light Gun shooters but are distinctly different genres, imo (though admittedly in light gun games you do move “on rails”) Light Gung shooters are more your Time Crisis, HOTD type games, On Rails shooters are more your Panzer Dragoon or Star Fox sorta games

ETA: Star Fox whilst he’s in his right and proper place flying around in his ship, not adventuring around on some crap dinosaur planet, mind you

They’re releasing two Oneechanbara games in the States. One for the Xbox 360 comes out on the same day. I’m honestly ridicuously excited to try it, they should so crazy.

Now if only someone would bring over Metal Wolf Chaos, the game where the President gets in a giant mecha and kicks ass.

I’m still waiting for pikmin, both the re-release and the new wii version… Precious little news on both, though. Would have expected more news by now, maybe an estimated release date, especially on the re-release…

Despite your insistence on the contrary, the term “on-rail shooter” is commonly applied to light gun games.


Whatever you call it I think it was a bad choice. I always thought those games walked for you because the traditional light gun didn’t have controls on it. Now that you’ve got a real pointer and the nunchuk, I don’t see the reason for it. Pointing at the screen and shooting for a whole game is gonna get boring, no matter how nicely you dress it up.

I see that Ready 2 Rumble Revolution looks pretty fun. If Punch Out Wii ends up sucking that should fill the niche nicely.

Is there any hint of a realistic racing sim coming, or a turn-based RPG besides DQX?

can’t say about a racing sim (I honestly ahven’t been following much wii news of late) but as for an RPG the latest thing from Yaz (Matsuno Yasumi, of Final Fantasy Tacitcs, FFXII, Vagrant Story, and Tactics Ogre) is supposedly going to be on the wii. Nothing’s come up regarding this project since maybe August of 2007, but Sakimoto Hitoshi (the guy who regularly does the music for Yaz’s games) said they’re working together again. Personally, he’s one of my favorite game designers and I’m seriously looking forward to whatever he puts out

Punch Out and the bikini game have my interest.

I’d like to see something come to the Wii that gets me interested. It’s getting dusty. No, really, I swiped my finger across the top of it and got some dust.

Metroid prime 1 & 2 are getting re-released on the Wii with wide screen support and maybe with Prime 3 controls. Link.

Nintendo UK just announced the re-release of Pikmin 1 is coming in February. I’d be shocked if the US release wasn’t right around the same time.

Bikini Zombie Slayers- awesome…

A new Punch Out! sounds cool- but I always have problems with Wii Sports boxing, to the point that I never do it. It doesn’t follow my control one bit. :frowning: Of course- the boxing on Wii Fit is a lot better so maybe they’re getting better at it. I am hopeful that it works well, because I loved Punch Out.

Also- the new Mario is going to be for Wii again. They have traditionally only had one Super Mario game per system. (Not including all the Mario variants- paper mario, so on and etc.) So is this going to be a real honest to goodness new Mario adventure or a paper mario like variant?

Yeah, same here. Has anyone figured that game out? It seems like you can do whatever you want with the controls and the characters are just going to move and punch pretty much randomly. I hope Punch-Out is a vast improvement from that.

Nintendo hasn’t said for sure, but I think it will be an honest to goodness real Super Mario game. I think because the Zelda and Mario games were released so early in the Wii’s life, Nintendo will have plenty of time to refine them into cool sequels.

The bikini game may be what makes me turn on my Wii again. That and Ghostbusters.

I loved Mario Galaxy but I hope they let you run in the new one, take the time limits off some of the powerups, and don’t hide so many of the damn stars. I’m still only at around 94 starsrsssfrrrggrrrrgrumblegrumble…