What's exciting recently released or coming soon for Wii?

Re-release of Pikmin 1? Bullshit. Nintendo wouldn’t be stupid enough to release the same game twice. Right?

No way in hell I’ll get Ghostbusters for the Wii when I can get it for my 360.

Don’t threadshit LOUNE, it’s unbecoming. This thread has zero to do with the 360, so why you’re acting all put out that Ghostbusters is coming to the Wii too is beyond me (for the record, I plan to buy it for the 360 over the Wii too).

But why is Nintendo re-releasing Pikmin a stupid move? GameCube games are notoriously hard to come by on the secondhand market and there is a market for the many great games that the Cube offered. Re-releasing the best games with new Wii-specific controls (that the market seems to love) and enhanced graphics is a brilliant move, both commercially and for the gaming community.

I’m not threadshitting. I’m stating a fact.

I’m very down over buying a game that I already like, but have beaten. I was looking forward to Pikmin 2, not that.

I see a lot of threads here about people hopping into their first console and looking to get a PlayStarion 2 based on their ability to be backwards compatible. I understand that they’re cheaper, but I don’t want to play a game that came out 3 or 4 years ago, even if it is cheaper. There are a couple exceptions, but not enough for me to really consider it. Even for the 360, it’s got some backwards capability, but I could care less about it. It played Halo 2, which is the only 180 title I’ve played on my 360. I’ve got no desire to visit the gaming past. Is nostalgia/cheap games as big of a driving force as has been stated in these boards? It just runs contrary to everything else I feel about the industry and everything else I’ve seen from the industry.

Do you mean the re-release of Pikmin 2 or are you referring to Pikmin 3, the new Wii sequel that was announced at E3? Because if you’re excited about the re-release of 2, why can’t other people be excited about the re-release of 1?

I’m sorry, but that attitude puts you in the minority. Nostalgia is a huge part of gaming. Just look at the biggest games in The Game Room: Fallout 3 (a sequel to a game that came out a decade ago), Left 4 Dead (a new game) and Mega Man 9 (a sequel to a game that came out 15 years ago and retains the retro art style).

Yes, I meant Pikmin 3. I skipped 2 because I didn’t have the console with which to play it.

Isn’t Fallout 3 a good game on its own merits? I know I was eagerly anticipating it and I had never touched any of its prequels. Also, this is a pretty nerdy board that likes its role-playing games. Fallout 3 being big on the boards is a no-brainer. Left 4 Dead is new, and doesn’t apply. Mega Man is the only “nostalgic” game. I’m more than willing to accept that I’m in the minority with regards to nostalgic games, though.

Are there any must-play recent releases out there? Is Wii Music fun?

Well, it’s not a very long tradition… the NES had three, after all (you can choose whether that counts the Japanese or the American SMB2).

I’ve been loving World of Goo. Just $15 on WiiWare and incredibly fun, IMO.

This thread just makes me even more bitter over my Wii. I thought for sure that there would be some interesting titles in the wings, but there’s literally nothing. Absolutely amazing - you still can’t find a new Wii in stores and yet there are no games for the system once you get past the first few titles.

Wii Music is not “fun”. It is “interesting”, and “educational”, and I might even say “rewarding”, but “fun”… it is not. It is WORK. It is learning a musical instrument, more or less.
I LOVE the concept, but honestly, I couldn’t put in the work needed to sound good. That, and I apparently have less musical ability than I’d thought.

I’d try it when the price drops.

The 360 will love you properly.

Two words: MSRP $30

Classic hard-to-find PS2 games like Disgaea, Okami, and the original Guitar Hero games were recently released for $20 as Greatest Hits, driving down the secondhand cost and netting a lot of new sales to the publishers. Even tho Pikmin is pretty rare on its own, I’ve seen a decent number of resale locations who have it. Even Gamestop.com already sells it for less than thirty bucks, and probably won’t run out of it soon.

The Play-On-Wii brand will sell decently, but it’s not actually a value by any means. That’s frustrating.
As for the OP’s question, the answer is the same as it is for many threads about recommendable games: frickin Cave Story. Also No More Heroes 2. And Monster Hunter 3.

Looks awesome. I wonder if that means we could see I Wanna Be The Guy on Wiiware.

Is No More Heroes good? And what’s Monster Hunter about? Never heard of it.

Cave story is free for the PC, though. But I have to say, it is totally, totally worth it. Really.

I would so love that. My housemates have been wanting to see me fail at it ever since I told them the premise of the game.

No More Heroes is one of the few third-party action titles on Wii worth checking out. It’s a mixture of button-mash 3D brawling and awesome motion-controlled finishers, with a retro vibe and some weird minigames to top it off. Quirky, but excellent use of the platform.

Monster Hunter is a long-standing franchise in Japan, which has had success here on the PS2 and PSP. It’s basically an action-RPG grindfest, but instead of grinding for nebulous XP, you’re hunting specific monsters for their pelts, claws, or teeth to combine with other gatherables to make better armor and weapons. Great atmosphere and addictiveness in the missions, and the PS2 version had some analog controls for the weapons, so the Wii version will likely feature interesting controls, as well as better online functionality.

Another Wii game I remember hearing about for the future is the gorgeous Muramasa: The Demon Blade, an action game by the creators of Odin Sphere.

Yup. I had some issues with the game, but it’s a really rewarding experience overall. Some of the best beat 'em up action since Streets of Rage, and the boss fights are superb.

Also -

Am I being wooshed? Because Nintendo re-releases the shit out of their games.

No More Heroes is a tidal wave of insanity and 8-bit nostalgia. It’s awesome.

Now that I think about it, I remember them porting stuff over to Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.

It’s still lame, but I remember it happening now.

But why is it lame? Because the game is “old”?

I’ve long said that publishers should re-release their games on as many new systems as will have them because I don’t want to see the classics (or even just the old stuff) disappear like they did with the film industry.

Besides that, games are starting to be used to research as well, and access to the classics is a necessity to understand the history of gaming.


Yeah, I’m all for re-releasing of games, too. The Virtual Console is my favorite thing about the Wii (and I don’t have a problem with its library of original titles, either) precisely because it gives me easy access to scads of games that I didn’t have the fortune to play when they were first released.

In fact, I wish Nintendo would just reissue the original Star Fox game in some capacity already. Used to love that game on my friend’s SNES.

At any rate, I’m also really happy about the resurgence of classic-style Lightgun games on the Wii. The existing House of the Dead collection, Resident Evil: UC, and Ghost Squad are all awesome, and I’m really looking forward to the new HotD. That’s a genre that laid dormant for way too long.