Time to yenter about all the upcoming Wii games again

It looks like it’s going to be a big year for Wii.

I think Mega Man 10 looks really cool (actually, I think it’s already out, too-- anyone played it?) And along the same lines, Sonic 4, due this summer, looks really cool too.

Metroid Other M looks awesome, even though I’ve never really been into Metroid. Are they discontinuing the Prime series, or just taking it in a different direction, or is this just a detour? Looks awesome, in any case.

No More Heroes 2 looks like it could be fun.

Of course Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to play that, and can’t believe how soon it’s coming.

New Zelda this year too, I hear, but I don’t think there’s a trailer yet (?)

What else?

I’d like to see a really good racing game for Wii. And I hope they announce a NSMBW sequel at E3 this year, though that might be a little optimistic, knowing Nintendo’s style.

Oh, and how could I have forgotten Epic Mickey? Could be a disaster or could be Game of the Year.

I’m not voting for “disaster,” but judging by the Game Informer article it got turned down about 98 notches on nightmare fuel just between the concept art and the models. It went from ZOMG I"M GOING TO DIE to “hey, Goofy doesn’t look very happy today.” It might not bomb, but it’s certainly not going to hit all the points that people were originally looking forward to.

It’s out already. Haven’t played it yet though.

It’s been out for quite a bit, it was very fun. It has some points stronger than the original, but there are a few disappointing things. Outside of one or two songs the soundtrack isn’t as good and the ending (very non-specific spoilers along the lines of “there is/isn’t a twist”):

The ending isn’t mindfucky at all, which is disappointing.

Mmmm… this is Nintendo, if there hasn’t been a good trailer reveal yet, I’m betting on a delay to next year eventually. Unless they really have learned about the horror of the hype bomb.

As for Other M, I think it’s just a branch, but I’m not sure either way.

At the risk of sounding like a pussy . . . that might make me like it more.

Trust me, I really mean toned down.

See, that looks cool to me, hehe. As long as they’re not specifically going after kids, I’ll probably like it. “All-ages” is fine by me.

It doesn’t look nearly as cool as the concept art, though. I’m still intrigued. It may end up being the Wii title I buy this year.

Yeah, the closest in-game art to concept art I’ve seen is a weird, broken-down animatronic Daffy. You see some xposed wires and gears, but it’s still not to the level that the broken-down animatronic Goofy from the concept art was.

Yeah, that concept art was “the game I wanted”, but barring a disaster, I’ll be picking it up anyways.
Of course, it’d help if the Wii turned on.

I saw a weird, broken-down animatronic Hades-spider-thing in an info video.

I’ll admit that I don’t follow a ton of video game concept art, but for the most part, in my experience, the game doesn’t ever really turn out looking exactly like it. Think about it in terms of any creative project you’ve ever done . . . the concept art is probably one of the very first things to get done, and the final product is, by its very nature, the last thing that gets done. A lot is going to change. It’s pretty rare to have a laser-sharp artistic vision of any creative project at the beginning, and still hold that focus all the way through production and the final product.

The problem is that the dark direction it initially took has been softened considerably. Sure, it wasn’t going to look like the concept art, but there seems to have been some softening of the entire feel.

Of course, that is speculative, but we’ll see as we get closer to the due date.

If you haven’t already, try unplugging it for 10 minutes or so.

Edit: Disconnect the power supply from the Wii as well.

I’ll give that a shot tonight and let you know how it goes. This happened to us before, and I don’t remember what we did to fix it.

Does the light turn green and it just sits there or does the light stay red?

The current Wii update has overheating issues in standby (yellow light) mode, I had to send mine in for repair so the Graphics Card could be replaced. Though it did overheat again when I got it back and I had some luck repairing it by putting it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

No light at all.

What makes me most upset is, IIRC, Disney was A-OK with the darker direction of the concept art. Warren Spector went on record saying Disney gave him a LOT of freedom with it, so I think it was the game developer company that made it get softened, so they can slap an E rating on it and sell more games.

To some extent, I can see their reasoning. I mean, it has “Mickey” in the title, and is clearly a Disney product, so a lot of parents wouldn’t think to look at the game rating and get it for their 6-10 year old, not noticing that it might have a T rating if it did go in the original, darker, direction. Then they’d get ann huffy and puffy to the game company, Nintendo, and Disney.

But on the other hand, how many more gamers and Nintendo fans were saying “Hells yeah! Day one purchase!” when the original art was released, and are now like “uhh…maybe a few weeks after it’s released if it gets good reviews, but probasbly not”?

Did you try resetting the AC adapter?


I’m guessing yes, if so the power supply is probably burnt out, in which case you’ll have to get a repair ticket, which is either free or $80 depending on whether you still have warranty or not.

We’ll just have to wait and see. On the video I saw, Spector was saying that there were parts of the game much darker than what he was showing us, but I realize that game developers aren’t above manhandling the truth to sell games (see: Fable.) Personally, I am not at all invested in how “dark” it is, and didn’t realize so many people were.

I’ve seen enough cheery and bland Mickey Mouse. A gritty, nightmarish Mickey is so much more interesting.

Played it and beat it already. I was much more impressed with MM9, but MM10 is still a good game.

The Prime series was always intended as a trilogy. So that part of the Metroid story is done. But I agree, Other M just looks sweet.

It’s not officially a 2010 release yet, but enough Nintendo execs have said its a 2010 release for me to believe it.

Before NSMBW was released, Mario’s voice actor (Charles Martinet) said there was a secret third Mario project in development. So you never know.