What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

King Ranch Chicken is on the menu tonight. Last night I made a Ree Drummond recipe that came out pretty good. Baby potatoes sautéed with tri-color bell peppers and onions, with smoked sausage thrown in. Simmered in beer. This morning I made breakfast with the leftovers along with poached eggs.

Our daughter is home from college for a few days so she is being spoiled, cooked an Asado last night , sushi tonight.

Taking a break from turkey and ham tonight with some pot roast and the usual roasted vegs that go with - potato, carrot, onion. Also still working our way through the parmesan pepper bread I got for TDay.

My sweetie made probably the best turkey she’s ever done for Thanksgiving, and she was already a champion. But to take a break from the turkey festival, we impulse bought a 2-pack of frozen Detroit-style pizzas at Costco. Dang, they were actually really good. I’m sure it’s more divine turkey sandwiches and the last of the cornbread dressing tomorrow.

A few snow crab legs (a.k.a. “seasoned-butter delivery vehicles”) and some brie in puff pastry, with Triscuits as needed.

… eaten while sitting on the floor teenager-style and watching T.V.